I Matter! You Matter! We Matter!

Who said you will have all the answers? Who said that by making the first step, the rest of the picture will make itself clear? No, it does not work like that. It is a choice made after choice… It is like a paintbrush painting a picture, a pen that writes a story and a creator that gives birth to the whole content.

At times you stand in front of a mirror and might dislike the image you see. In your mind and in your heart you feel you haven’t done enough or been enough, in other words, you feel like a failure – nothing much achieved. Many years pass and many efforts get made and not made, many opportunities become taken and missed, and many “buts” present itself that it seems that mediocre life is all you deserve. But then the question arises… Is one’s life really meant to be a mediocre?..

I observed that many of us are more afraid of living than dying. By saying Living I mean Living our Life to the Fullest – following our dream, our passion, doing what we want and love doing, being spontaneous and at times impulsive. That’s what Living to the Fullest really means. Nonetheless, whoever chooses life of their dreams, often are met with great resistance, rejection and challenges, but… one thing that might help is one little question – What If?!

There are so many people in this world, so many ideas on how life suppose to be, so many different perceptions and so many choices made every day that you might think that the answer resides somewhere else with someone else completely discounting yourself out of the picture. And yet, every choice made and breath taken have their own challenges, obstacles, doubts, celebrations and depths to it, that often when we look back at our lives it may seem not much done, not much accomplished, not walked far enough as it all feels so normal, so ordinary, so not extra-ordinary. Sometimes we even surrender to another person’s opinion about our worth.

The truth is we all matter. We are inspiring. We are profound. We are magnificent. We are gods in our own creations. We are creators. We are friends and confidants, we are parents and partners, we are childhood-sweethearts and forgotten past. We are whole as we are. We all have a significant role to play that becomes an important piece of the puzzle of life. Do you really think you did not make a difference to at least one person in your life, to at least one living being you touched and loved?..

I guess it is a matter of appreciating oneself, understanding how little-big actions we take every day make a huge difference not only to us but to the environment and people around us. And so, we matter big time. We live ordinarily extra-ordinary lives that create an impact, a ripple effect, leave an imprint and memory in all and everything.

We matter because we care and we always have someone who cares about us. Living and accepting life as it is is already a profound step to make in the carousel of one’s inner-journey, but to dare to make our own mark by consciously accepting ourselves as we are – that’s a masterpiece!

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