wake up

While you sleep, I walk towards my goal
I get closer day after day
I make step after step
I conquer mountain after mountain.

While you sleep, I pray in gratitude
For being courageous to follow my bliss
For overcoming fears and uncertainties
For having faith in Life
For daring to make that first step…
While you sleep, I bruise myself.

It aches, you know
Sometimes it bleeds too
But even then I feel grateful
As I know I have a deep purpose…

If there were no obstacles, no challenges,
No ego, no inner conflicts, no mountains to conquer
How far would I go?
How determined would I be?
How strong my desire would grow?
And…would I go after my bliss at all to begin with?

While you sleep, I heal from my past mistakes and sorrows
I moan all wasted moments
I regret the days I spent without the ones I love
I cry for unsaid words of love.

While you sleep, I heal in my own way
So I could move forward
And do the work I enjoy
And fulfil the purpose I came here for.

While you sleep, I heal
So I could share with you those sudden words of wisdom
So I could embrace you in many different ways
So I would know I did it all.

While you sleep, I celebrate my victories
I achieve things that were trusted to me
And I chose to listen…

Before I was born Life turned to me and said:
“Please, can you do it?”
And I said – Yes
Because I know I can
I am not alone, I am looked after.

I know that when your time comes to wake up
You will be as strong in your knowing as I am
Because… I know you know
You can do it too
Only if you choose so.

The One who wants you to be happy

~Jolita Kelias

Copyright © Jolita Kelias 2013
All Rights Reserved

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