You Are Mine

flying-birdYou are mine.
Do you hear me?! You are mine.
I longed for you, for your touch.
I dreamt about our days and nights,
And now you are here…in my hands…
I am holding you as gently and tightly as I can.

I desire to clip your wings so you would never leave.
I stretch my hands and intentions towards you,
I am ready to clip your wings…
And you…you look at me with those innocent eyes.

I cannot do it.
I release you… I open my hands…
Fly! Fly! Fly away, my bird!
You are mine anyway.

I longed for you for so long
and now you fly away…
The pain is unbearable,
I surrender to it.

“So be it!” I say.
I prepare myself to live in pain and move on.
I prepare to wake up ready for a new day…
…without you.

The knock on the window.
It’s you! You are back!
You are back!!
But why? Why now when I am ready to move on?
Why bringing that pain of not having you
back into my life once again?

You love me…
You say, you love me.
For as long as I don’t clip your wings,
You will stay.
But what about me, about my wings?
Why do you want to clip mine while keeping yours free?

No! No, not this time.
Stay, my bird, because you want,
And not because I cannot live without you.
Stay for the love of mine in free will.

That’s the only way.
Because…it is the only way.

~Jolita Kelias

Copyright © Jolita Kelias 2016
All Rights Reserved

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