you are beautifulI did a small survey with the help of social media asking ladies to share their thoughts on the subject of a woman’s beauty. I asked them what makes a woman beautiful and what the reasons are behind their efforts to looking beautiful. The response I received was great.

I could have sat here and pondered on my own about the secrets of women’s desire to look beautiful or better choose to send the question to the ladies of the world and see what they have got to say. They had quite a bit of things to tell… However, what is the most precious is the fact that most of them believe in what is within one’s heart and personality. Make-up, clothing, nice care of oneself is profoundly important but it is just a small addition to what is already clear and naturally given by the mother nature. To look after your own looks seems to be equally important to loving yourself for what you truly are. Apparently, it adds up to woman’s self-esteem, confidence levels, love for herself, acceptance of perfect imperfections and feelings of feeling good. Of course, getting a compliment from a male figure always helps. When it comes to beauty women are deep and thoughtful and far from being superficial. Women literally love themselves by treating themselves in things that make them feel good, just every one of them expresses it differently. Let’s look into some of their answers. I believe we all will resonate with some of them:
Lucy Jamiesonfrom London, UK says that “Looking beautiful is just bringing your inner confidence and beauty to the surface. If you are happy on the inside and grateful for what you are and what is in your life, your beauty will shine. It is also good fun to dress up and look glamorous, but do it for yourself. Taking care of yourself shows self respect.”
Sandi Lemoi says that “I believe each woman has their own goal and reasons for pursuing beautification. Some do it to fit in with society’s expectations of them. Some do it in hopes of defying the hour glass glued to the table. Some, in hopes of hiding their problems. Some, to attract a mate. But truly, ladies, my mom always taught me – less is more. A little blush, some mascara to give you that I’m not as tired as I feel look, and a little colour for your lips. That’s all you need. Let more of your natural beauty show!”
Jennifer Dones from New York says that “I don’t think I can speak for every woman, but I can take a moment and speak about my own. Beauty, I truly believe, comes from the inside and I say this only because of how the beautiful women in my life influenced me. I am on a weight loss journey which is for health reasons and wellness issues. Not a desire to be thin. I have always been a confident beautiful plus size girl. I don’t wear a lot of make-up I don’t think I do anyway. But taking care of yourself and looking beautiful comes from deep inside yourself. I think women in their early years should be told they’re beautiful and can do anything. I’ve always believed I was. Of course, when the love of your life calls you beautiful you tend to believe it more. That’s just a bonus. But it is true, we should be told we’re beautiful from the moment we’re born. Sadly many women were not told this and perhaps feel over doing their make-up is attractive.”
Emma Lou Ki says that “Because they can, it’s as simple as that. Each and everyone of us is beautiful in our own way. No two people are the same. Every girl/woman is a princess.”
Marion Smith says that “I have always liked dressing up, it made me feel beautiful and good about myself and to take care of yourself is not ask too much, and I have one daughter and instilled my values in her as well, so my personal experience is take care of yourself, dress well and you will look beautiful and feel beautiful.”
Ana L Cova Zamora from Seattle, Washington says that to look after yourself and feel beautiful is “To bring up self-esteem and/or just to look beautiful. All woman are beautiful.”
Kayla Jennine from Alberta, Canada says that feeling beautiful brings “Confidence. Purity. Having the ability to smile and walk that walk, even though you’ve got the weight of a thousand worlds on your shoulders. Being able to smile and strut even though you feel broken on the inside.”
Val Hazel Maddigan from Victoria, Australia says, “Thank goodness for lipstick and a bit of makeup.”

Viv Russon from Alberta, Canada says that “Confidence and inner strength make a woman beautiful.”

So tell me please, do you feel beautiful or do you feel as if you are lacking something? I am a woman and there was a time when I felt I was an average one, the one who just fit within society, the one that was ok. However, within years I have changed my thought processes as I looked in the mirror and saw this amazingly beautiful woman looking at me. She looked at herself and thought to herself: “Wow, you are like a good old wine – you get better and better with years.” So therefore, my answer to the question above is – I am beautiful just as I am, and little self-love enhances that good feeling I feel about myself every day. I fell in-love with this woman I look in the mirror every morning when I wake up and evening before I go to sleep. She is beautiful!

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    Dear Jolita,

    Thank you for the wonderful article which shows us women opinion about the Beauty. Really interesting to read.

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