Wisdom of a Child

childI remember very clearly, when I was a little child, who could not speak much or express herself well enough, I felt I knew so much. The whole understanding of life was in front of me, I was fearless, I had no doubts and I lived my knowing. I enjoyed my life. Then within time passing and me growing I have become more and more frustrated as I started to recognise that within time I began forgetting the truths I knew and things started looking much complicated. I felt I was losing myself in the world of people. I felt I began knowing less, I began understanding and feeling less, I became less…

The truth is that when I was little I understood and knew and felt a lot, I just did not have ability and/or enough words and ways to express that knowledge, so as a child I simply lived what I knew and felt. Now as an adult I am remembering how to be and do it all over again. My inner child is alive more and more with every new day, and, my my, I do not suppress it. Some people tend to say to me: “Your friendliness and happiness can be often misunderstood, Jolita”. And then I answer to them: “If you truly want to understand me correctly, then put some effort into that, and the best way in doing so is by allowing your inner child to come alive. Don’t try to reason me, because I follow my feelings more than my thinking. My inner child is alive. My inner child is living and enjoying and most importantly loving Life and You.”

My desire and aim is to go back to that beautiful innocence of the child I once was, and I am walking on my path…quite well.

The grand truth is children are extremely wise and they can be the best teachers of all if we only allow this. Adults gotta learn and remember quite a lot from them. I welcome you to embrace this knowledge and message, for it is freeing and true.

~Jolita Kelias

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