What is PERFECT?..

primrosePerfect… Perfect is boring. Perfect is always taken for granted, overlooked and neglected. Perfect always has a replacement, something else to focus on. Perfect stands still in its perfection and is being replaced time over time with something else more important. Perfect demands nothing, requires nothing, wants nothing, expects nothing, attracts nothing because it is already perfect. In other words, it is done. Why would anyone ever want to be perfect? To be taken for granted because you are perfect is cruel!
But just crack a bit, just swirl out of the position, just move an eye-brow, just stop caring, just change your colour – and attention is suddenly all on you. The world suddenly remembers you. It finally remembers you exist, but the world is not happy. How dare you to crack and stop being perfect?! How dare you to disturb the order?! How dare you to make waves?! How dare you to wake up?! How dare you?!
The crack that might appear in any perfect condition is not to disturb or to cause a hardship, but to show that even perfect has a life of its own. Life is not always perfect, and thanks God for that. You will not always get what you want and things will happen that often will be out of your control or comfort zone. Circumstances will change, people will leave, nature will change its colour, a shiny sky will suddenly bring rain in, and that is already in itself is perfect. Perfect is what you are not allowed to take for granted. Even perfect has its own limits and time and temporality. Things will throw you off course so as to bring you to the place of being to where you need to be. Resistance only will escalate the matters not reduce or control them.
The world strives for perfection without really loudly wanting to agree that perfect yields the end. However, even perfect has to be maintained but only once its foundations get shaken and cracks become visible. The real perfection is never gaining it but striving for it. The real perfection is wanting to grow and being on the go in life, because, you see, life never stands still, it moves through its phases of seasons and time. Life makes waves.
The world hates hardships brought by imperfection, but since when do life cares if in its deep knowing it knows that the constant move and change is the real perfection in itself? The only thing the world is invited to do is to see the beauty in that endless movement. Instead of breaking our homes and friendships and relationships and endless opportunities given to us, we are invited to blend and dive into the unknown while discovering the beauty laying beneath its sacred foundations. Everything is in a constant change and that is e perfection in itself.
You are perfect just as you are. Life is always changing and you with it. You always hold the opportunity for growth, for one more new experience, one more crack where the light comes through, one more smile and tear, one more heartfelt laughter, one more chance for renewal and finding out the purpose of your own existence, one more try to make it right. Until the last breath you hold that opportunity in your hands and nothing and no one can ever take it away from you.
What is Perfect? Perfect is to actually understand this little truth and create from that place of being. That is Perfect.

Copyright © Jolita Kelias 2016
All Rights Reserved

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