We still believe in promises

you promisedWe still believe in promises, deep down, no matter how much we get disappointed, we still want and are eager to believe in one’s promise. It is one thing that to this day still kept its sacred place in the labyrinths of our hearts.

Yes, people tend to break promises, but even then we are willing to take a risk and give a chance of belief. ‘I promise!’ can be one of the most powerful words one could give and often one chooses to dive into it and merge with it, and it aches, it aches like hell if the promise given gets broken. It aches like hell especially if one chooses to believe in the person who they care about a lot. It aches because we want them to fulfil their word, because deep down we want to think good thoughts and feel good feelings about them. There is never a desire to place them into the “they never fulfil their word” space. It can be a sad place to be. Unfortunately, not everyone sees a given promise as a sacred thing. The promise given is like a prayer, like a written God’s marked document. It is sacred. And your whole being desires for that promise to be fulfilled regardless of how big or small it may be. It is becoming more and more rare but still common to know people who would cross mountains and oceans to fulfil their word. It is always nice to know you might be one of them. At times it can hurt like hell in fulfilling your word, and yet deep in your heart you know you are doing a right thing, even though many would disagree. Yes, keeping a given word and fulfilling it, it can be both quite a bit of the task physically, mentally and emotionally.
I believe, once a word is given – a word must be kept. And yet, I honour anyone who is able to inform in a caring manner in case if they cannot keep it. I live by my belief that we should be kind to each other and help others whenever we can. Promise given is a prayer said out loud. It makes waves, it moves things into action, it creates a ripple effect, it turns the universe around, it stirs one’s heart. It is worthy to fulfil your word. It is worthy to cross that hill or mountain. It is worthy to be the one to make things happen. Just think of the silent or loud happiness you might bring into the other’s life. That is priceless! No material goodness can make a difference a kept promise can. We are talking here about one’s heart – the most precious universal matter anyone is blessed to possess and make it tick in gratefulness.

A word given is a word that must be kept. I wish us that.

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