Lajos Danko and his Violin – A Hate and Love Relationship

One may wonder how it would feel hearing a violinist virtuoso playing exceptionally for you in one of London’s parks. Audience is you and some by-passers who are not aware of who he is, and so most of them pass by without stopping to listen to his playing, but you are there and all the heart he puts into his music and time he gives is for you and you only and whatever you may ask to play he will play.

Hence, I had this unique opportunity when a Hungarian violinist virtuoso Lajos Danko played for me exceptionally. At one point he asked if he could play a famous Love Story by Francis Lay for me. When I heard him mentioning it I exploded in excitement. Love Story has been one of my most favourite pieces of classical music. Lajos played this piece of magic for me four times during our time together on the sunny summer day in London. I also invited him to play it at the Trafalgar Square, which immediately attracted a big number of listeners.

LOVE STORY by Francis Lay played by Lajos Danko

Lajos Danko was born in Hungary in 1973. Since early age he felt love for music. The sound of violin made him shiver, “At times it seems it cries in pain and sorrow and at times it seems it dances in joy and excitement.” He cannot imagine his life in any other way. He refers to his 100 year old violin as She. It is a relationship balancing between love and hate that sometimes becomes very personal and at times distant and unfulfilling. The violinist says, “If I don’t practice enough, it becomes tougher to handle her. She becomes unhappy. She seems to scream at me, moan and complain. She does not like being ignored. But if I take her into my hands at least once a day and play, she becomes happy and she sounds so beautifully just like today.”

Lajos music career started at the early age. At first he completed Elementary Music School in Clui-Napoca. Then in 1990s moved further to perfect his skill and entered Zoltan Kodaly Conservatory in Debrecen where he was studying for four years. His commitment and love for violin paid off when he received a scholarship from Sir Yehudi Menuhin Foundation. The next four years Lajos studied at the Hochschule Fur Music in Wien, Austria. During that time he had unique opportunities to play for Debrecen Philharmonic and Philharmony der Natiunen Mont Blanc as the First Violin. After completing his studies in Wien he went all the way to Toronto, Canada where he played for the Toronto Philharmonic and Virtuosi di Toronto.
During our four hour meeting Lajos Danko eagerly played Le Estate Summer by A. Vivaldi and Johannes Brahms Violin Conzerte and also my most favourite Love Story by Francis Lay and more for me. His violin seemed to cry every note in the most intimate and emotional way possible. Listening to violinist virtuoso playing every note with such a care and absolute concentration carried me away into the world of imagination that has no limitations and no restrictions. It relaxed and comforted me.
Playing a violin to him is not just any kind of work, but his lifestyle, his air and water, his bread and butter. Lajos Danko has also received many awards for his violin performances. UNICEF Carl Flesch prize and MTV special prize are among them.
He also creates masterpieces of music. Ten years ago he has written his own composition STARS.

STARS by Lajos Danko

Lajos has a unique talent of which he is very much aware, and yet he works hard every day to perfect his skill in the best way possible. He says, “As a violinist I have a love-hate relationship with a violin because it can be truly a hard work to get it sound the way that I desire.” The artist stressed by saying that talent is one thing but keeping the perfection going a lot depends on the amount of effort and dedication one gives to it. “Violin has a soul of its own and we seem to be in never ending fight. We love and we hate each other.”
What impressed me the most it was this man’s humbleness. He knows his place in life, he knows what he wants to do and what he is good at, he is determined and talented, and yet all this does not seem to get into his head. He is modest, sincere, gentle and kind. He is willing to do any kind of job so as to be able to cover his bills and rent and food yet for as long as he can continue on his path as a violinist. Lajos is a kind of person who knows where he is going and what his aims are. Nothing and no one can stop him. People like him have an enormous potential to inspire others and yet it seems he is so unassuming of this small-big truth.
Lajos Danko is quite new to London, but he seems to already find his foot around the city: he has a day job; he made some friends and he farther pursues his career in music. He is determined to use every opportunity given to perform for people, to share his gift and at the same time to continue enjoying the work he does. He has also prepared his own solo program compiled of classical pieces like Tchaikovsky violin concert, Menderson violin concert e minor, Brahms violin concert d major, Mozart violin concert numero 3.5 and many more. The violinist always makes time to perform whenever asked. In September this year he has joined Hungarian Philharmonic Orchestra London where he is playing as the first violin. He does not seem to want to stop and rest and perhaps ponder on his life. He says, “If my playing makes you smile, I feel rewarded.”

Phone: +447587938789


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