Today’s day

raktasYou find me hard to be, don’t you? I am like an unwanted struggle through which you need to get minute after minute. Yesterday to you seems to be difficult but yet better than me – today’s day. And future is something you are striving for in hopes to be relieved from all the worldly worries that I bring into your life each and every day.
I know most of the times I am an unwanted friend of yours, which is always here. Today’s day will become yesterday and then you will look at me with nostalgia. Tomorrow will become today, which you were so eager for; you cannot wait for it…
Don’t you see, it is me – today’s day?!
Every day I am calling for you to recognise me and give me a fair shot of making you happy. I pray for your acceptance and love. I look at you with the eager eyes and thirsty heart and plead for you to give me just one fair chance. I heard we all deserve it, so why not me too, my darling one? I am here to help you, to build you, to reveal yourself to you. I am your friend. To tell the truth, I am the only true friend you will ever have. I never change in my timing or presence. I am always the same and I always come with the day brake and the moment you close your eyes I leave. It is you who is constantly changing. I am going with the flow performing my divine duty of being Today’s Day. I have been doing so for the centuries before you even were born. I did it even before the Mother Earth appeared in this vast Universe. I was, I am and I will be always here.
Can you see me? Can you hear me? Can you accept me? Can you stop running away from me? Can you give me just one more chance to prove myself to you? Can you?
You keep looking and looking over my shoulder failing to notice the profound gifts I lay in front of you each and every day. Do you know how excited I become when I see you opening your eyes in the morning? Can you feel me greeting you? I am here to help you, to serve you, to assist you, to give you the best you can get only on this day – today’s day.
Yesterday is gone, it will never come back. Every today’s day become yesterday. Tomorrow will become me – the one you were looking for so much. Each time I pray for you to see me, to feel me, to experience life through me. I am the only real thing that exists or ever existed, the rest is just something you either call memory or dream to yet come true.
Open your eyes to see. All the things that you ever could accomplish you can accomplish today and only today. You cannot do it yesterday and you cannot do it tomorrow but only today. And I am that – I am your today. I am your day of opportunity to make your dreams come true, to live life to the fullest, to be you, to make that one important phone-call, to say the words of love to the one you love, to become a child once more, to express loving actions of kindness, to be taught, challenged and rewarded. Nothing and no one will ever accept and nurture you as earnestly as me.
I am stretching my hands full of gifts to you. Please take them. Please allow me to embrace you. Please embrace me. I am here to aid you, to assist you, to serve you, to pick you up after you fall, to heal you, to shelter you, to guide you, to love you, to be here for you, to express myself through you.
I wish I could express in words how I feel about you, but…when I feel what I feel, words fail me. Instead I use songs and music and poetry and moonlight and stars and a smoothing melody of the bird’s song and a gentle touch of the night’s breeze, anything I can get my hand on so as to just remind and explain my love to you.
The day will come, which will be me, today’s day, when I will have to close your eyes in knowing that they will never re-open again. And then my chance to prove myself to you will be gone once and for all and the opportunity to experience me fully will be gone…for you.
I am here. Open your eyes to see me while you are still here. I am here – your today’s day.

Copyright © Jolita Kelias 2013
All Rights Reserved

02 comments on “Today’s day

  • Courtney , Direct link to comment

    Absolutely amazing!!! finding someone or something that expresses what you think or feel when you can’t do it yourself is a truly amazing feeling. It frees my spirit when I’m “lucky” enough to have that experience. Thank you so much – from the very bottom of my soul ♡

  • Lana H Allen , Direct link to comment

    So true! We worry about the future and dwell on the past. We dream about the future and reminisce about the past, but what about today? We completely miss out on the beauty of today. The breath of life, this moment is the only one in which we truly live, yet we ignore it or wish it away. I love the voice that you give to today’s day; it speaks loud and clear.

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