THE ‘GYPSY’ PEOPLE – The Wanderers Searching For the Inner Peace in All the Wrong Places

walking manI call them the ‘gypsy’ people. The restlessness they feel never lets them settle down for long. They need to keep moving, but that moving is from inwards subtly expressing itself outwards. They are always in search for something, for something to stir their soul, to inspire them, to make them wonder. These are people that are hard to be satisfied. It seems nothing can make their soul rest for longer than one brief moment. They are like a free wind flying, running around without a clear destination; the wind which is looking for itself and it will not rest until it finds what it is searching for, although often it does not truly know what it is there that it is looking for. Tell me, how such a soul can rest?

Happiness is a rare experience for these people. They know what it is to be excited and life knows how to excite them, but if it does not, then they go and create whatever they need to fill up the gap. It is a natural faculty of theirs and there is pretty much nothing they do deliberately. Things seem simply to happen for them. And the truth is neither you nor anyone else can change that. If a ‘gipsy’ man or woman settles down, it is not because they found someone who managed to tame a wild horse inside them, but because they made that decision themselves. But here is a question… will it be for long? To restrain the wild horse inside these souls is as impossible as to try to stop the Earth from spinning.

They tend to fall into the deep sleep of illusion about what is possible and what is not. They want to experience an adventure, an unthinkable passion, a person who would drive them to the point of madness. That’s then, they believe, their inner thirst for adventure would be fulfilled… And yet, just for a short while. Inside themselves they are searching for that drop of madness, and they tend to get what they are looking for when they least expect it. There are those puzzling questions that arise regarding the person they get to meet and spend time with. They make them wonder, question, their mind gets puzzled. They may look desperate for peace and silence, but in reality all they ever desire are the things they cannot have and perhaps never will, unless the nature of their being changes to allow some of the normality to come into their lives.

How can the wild wind which hasn’t found what it is looking for (although it rarely truly knows what it is looking for) to calm down and stay still?

The downside of such people is they are rarely happy if ever happy. They are not happy when they begin the hunt, they are not happy during the hunt and they are even more unhappy after it ends. And there and then the search for the new begins once more. They will rest just for as long as it requires catching their breath, and then they will pick themselves up once again and move forward with the new goal in their pocket. There can be more than one goal. There can be more than one and it has no limits. The stars are their aim that never gets reached, and yet they will go for it in hopes to be the first ones to fulfil the hunger… Deep down ‘gipsy’ people thirst for peace, for calmness, for love, for tranquillity, for things that they know they will never be able to attain due to their human nature.

They are here to seduce you, to create the illusion that you are being loved and wanted, to suck you into their world of chaos; but don’t get fooled so easy because once they are done, they will move on. It won’t be because you were too easy to get or too easy to be fooled or too demanding or not beautiful enough or too far or too close. They will leave because their hunger has been fulfilled and the ‘food’ you are giving became too familiar, unsavoury, unexciting. They long for variety and variety can be attained only through journeying and exploring. Them leaving you will not be your fault, it will never be your fault, even though often they will make you feel that way.

They can look shallow and at times they are, but often deep inside they are philosophical about the purpose of their life. If you want to own this kind of person, you have to accept that they will come and leave on their own accord. The moment you will try to grasp and hold them tight they will flee from you as far and as fast as they can. If you give them all the freedom, you might get what you want. However be prepared to pay the price of uncertainty, betrayal, lack of love and attention, adventures that only excites them. Don’t get mistaken… they are not happy people. They are the wanderers looking for the inner peace in all the wrong places. They may promise you the world and at that very moment they will truly mean it, and yet only for as long as that very moment lasts.

The ‘gipsy’ people cannot share their life with the same type of people like them. It would never work…for long. Passion would burn like a wild fire in the wilderness and frustration would go as high as the highest waves of the ocean, sadness would overtake the deepest depths of the human soul, thoughts and emotions would raise the fastest streams and the war of all and everything would engulf the lives of two beings until the moment they would finally decide whether to part their ways or to tear each other into pieces. To tell the truth, there is no one they can share their lives with in peace and surrender beginning from themselves first.

You may hope to rescue them from themselves, and yet what a waste of time and energy that would be! No one and nothing can change the nature of the ‘gipsy’ soul – not even you.

I call them ‘gipsy’ people who cannot be tamed and never will. But they can be held onto their hand as gently as a baby holds onto his mother’s finger in knowing they can let go and grasp onto it at any time they choose. Now you have to ask yourself – are you ready for this?

Copyright © Jolita Kelias 2014
All Rights Reserved

09 comments on “THE ‘GYPSY’ PEOPLE – The Wanderers Searching For the Inner Peace in All the Wrong Places

  • Camille , Direct link to comment

    Thankyou for a very interesting read.Connecting on soul level is so beautiful 🙂 x

  • Mark , Direct link to comment

    What a weird but interesting thought. It has me wondering how informed this thought may be, yet it presumes to know the people you call “Gipsy Wanderers”
    Regards, Mark.

    • James Finnie , Direct link to comment

      I would say this is a very well informed view. This describes me perfectly, well, hopefully the old me, I’ve gone through some deep changes in the past few months.

      It’s very interesting to read a description like this from someone so young.

  • Carlton Lowe , Direct link to comment

    And is there a path to peace for those of us who may be. ” gypsy souls”? Are we condemned by our nature to be a bane to anyone unfortunate enough to know and love us?
    Was this ever our choice?
    Perhaps we are seeking distraction from a self we rejected at a time almost before memory can reach back?
    That self will try to emerge into consciousness any time our attention is not filled with novelty and excitement, distracted or hyper focused, because no matter where we go, there we will be.
    “I am sound, but
    sometimes in a sudden mirror
    I see a crippled child, not much changed
    Just grown to my size
    And I can never read the look that’s in his eyes.
    I am whole, but
    Sometimes through the seamless days
    I feel the edge,
    Like a well, lurking hidden in the weedy shadowed ways,
    Indifferent to the fallen
    Filled with sky.
    I am sane, but
    Sometimes, in the lidless night,
    I wake staring into my own eyes
    And find a lonely crippled child
    Keening softly, wrapped in a deep, soft fear.
    Sorting dreams along the fevered edge of why.”

  • Carlton Lowe , Direct link to comment

    Thank you, your gypsy people image gave me a new way to search for a way to stop.
    I know I abandoned myself somehow long ago. So long that it was after I could see color and form, but before I had many words. Trying to reach back is more frightening than any other thing, but my life is slipping away, and all those I have tried to love are worse for loving me.

  • Tim , Direct link to comment

    This is me! I have no regrets for it… I can be no other way nor do I desire to…

  • vicky , Direct link to comment

    when I started to read the Gipsy, I thought this is me.
    Always looking ahead and not living in the here and now. However, as I read on it actually described my son that as Jolita is aware, took his life this year.
    He never settled for very long. He agreed that is manages to be ‘normal’ for six months but then would in his words, ‘mess up’ And messing up for him was losing his home and destroying relationships and having to move from one county to another.
    I feel kind of reassured in a way that he had tried to live the life we expected of him but he decided he couldn’t any longer. he needed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. As a child he would always tell us he was ‘bored’ I think this went with him into his adult life.

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