The Old and the New Blend Together…

“Nothing is ever too late. All can be changed, turned around, twisted for the good and good only, even if that seems to be the last second of the breath you take or the move you make or the door you are about to exit. You still have one more chance…” ~Jolita Kelias

The old and the new are blending together… Often the change manifests itself in the most colourful way that at times can yield joy and pain all together. It can be difficult to embrace inevitable and adapt to it, but eventually many of us do learn to adjust ourselves and make the most of life. And so, this Christmas and new upcoming Year 2021 may symbolise the change where creativity is evoked in all of us to create the life in our hearts that we desire or at least can bear for the time being. We also need to remember that each one of us are the ones who decides what freedom is, and bravely acts upon it.

Freedom of spirit, freedom of mind, freedom of being, freedom of action, freedom of thinking and living. Throughout my life I have learnt that I will be as happy as I choose to be. I decide how much I allow myself to enjoy my life and how much I restrain myself. It is up to me. So therefore, it is up to you too!

May you be brave, be kind, be loving, be honest, be generous. We need each other now more than ever before, but the most importantly we need to go inwardly and be there for ourselves and our mental and emotional well-being first.

This Christmas and New Year 2021 may we all be fully present with our families and loved ones; we may remember our friends and neighbours too in a loving thought and kind deed. I choose to be where my heart wants to be and I wish the same upon you. Be loving towards yourself at all cost.

Merry Christmas and Miraculous New Year 2021!!

With Loving Hugs,

Jolita Kelias

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