The Child That Knows

Life is magical, Life is wondrous, Life is full of infinite possibilities, Life is real, Life is enchanting to the child…

Life is one big wonder to the child. It is big, it is incredible, it is magical and scary at the same time. Emotions run high. Tears are sincere. Laughter is genuine. Tiredness is bespoke. Annoyance is real. Love is overpowering and true. Life lessons learned become immediate and deeply transformational. To be truly childlike once we reach an adulthood is a challenge in itself as the wonder of life and its possibilities have faded away or have been put to sleep through hard real-life realities.

The child knows that imagination is the key. The truth is – that’s all the child knows. The child builds sand castles, sand houses and coffee shops, drives imagined cars and travels to the moon on the spaceship made of chairs, tables, curtains and toys, drinks from empty tiny cups an imagined mocha or coffee, says Cheers to the lemonade drink and is fulfilled with the reality as it is. That alone makes an adult smile and wonder. Life seems so simple and so innocent.

The child knows how to approach a stranger and make friends. No limits apply to the child, and no limits should ever apply to the child. The child questions everything and is forgiven for their wonders but then why as adults we are so judgemental to another person’s wonders?!

The child loves unconditionally and believes in the same. The child feels deeply and genuinely. They feel you. They know you. But…the child is still settling within themselves. Universe is finding its foot within the being of the child. The child is the pure expression of the infinite universe full of creation and endless possibilities. Life is innocent and the child is representation of its purity and honesty.

The child is You. That child is your child. The child is everything you have been and still can be. Let’s be aware of it, nourish and protect it. The child is You…

Copyright © Jolita Kelias 2020
All Rights Reserved

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