too tiredHi! It has been a rough ride, hasn’t it? You fell and you stood up, you fell again and you stood up, you fell and once more you stood up… But this time please promise yourself that no matter what you will stand firmly rooted in the ground and you will become faithful to the change that you so much desire to create.

You made many painful mistakes and you know that, because you are the one to carry its sorrow and heaviness.
How often have you beaten and criticised this beautiful child of yours carefully hidden deep inside your heart?
How often have you blamed for its impulses and lack of so-called discipline?
How often have you cried each time you made a step which You considered to be a mistake?
How often have you blamed yourself for acting upon your desires?
How many times did you want to close your eyes and disappear?
How many times have you found almost impossible to forgive yourself even for the littlest fall?
How many times your soul screamed in despair?

How many times?

So here I am to tell you…
It is not ok to hurt the ones you love,
It is not ok to say words which you later regret,
It is not ok to lose hope,
It is not ok to beat yourself for every step you make,
It is not ok to take each and every blame,
It is not ok to stop loving yourself,

It is not ok not to forgive yourself.

I forgive you for every thing that you consider to be a terrible mistake.
I forgive you for lack of thoughtfulness.
I forgive you for so often unknowingly out of old habit choosing the ego and its tricky ways of being.
I forgive you for forgetting who you truly are.
I forgive you for abandoning your spirit for the sake of worldly good.
I forgive you for your thinking you were not good enough.
I forgive you for your im-perfections that to me are just pure perfection.

I forgive You.

Enough blaming yourself.
Enough struggling.
You cried yourself to sleep too many times.

Enough beating yourself up. Enough!

From now on You shall remember how to love that little child inside of you who thirst for your love and care so so much.
From now on you treat that child as a precious treasure, and whenever it makes a ‘mistake’ you smile at that child, hug him wholeheartedly and just love.

The child in you never mean any harm, but just to truly be, to experience who she is, to feel alive, to rejoice, to risk, to breathe and feel free. To live!

Be Free, my child. Be Free!
Nothing makes me more happier than seeing your soul soaring freely in the sky.

Be Free!

~Jolita Kelias

the key

Copyright © Jolita Kelias 2013
All Rights Reserved

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