hidingThe silent thief comes into your life
And steals your joy
Slowly and silently.
At times you know he is there
And yet you choose to overlook it
For you hope for him to leave on his own accord.

The silent thief comes into your life
And steals your joy.
He is not wishing to leave
He is rather happy you turn a blind eye on him.
He came to steal…
Your joy…
Tell me, why would he leave?

The silent thief is the thief
He came to steal from you.
He did not come to be hosted.
He came to steal
And you better know it now
Before it is too late.

The silent thief works his magic
Whether you know it or not.
He steals, he comes in between,
He hides in front of your eyes
And laughs into your face.
The silent thief has no remorse for you.

The silent thief deep down
Wants to be seen…
And stopped…
He wants you to know he is there
And dealt with in a way he deserves.
The silent thief will steal from you
For as long as you allow it.
He will steal from others too
For as long as you allow it.

The silent thief comes into your life
And steals your joy.
He is not planning to leave
But he wishes to be seen.
Surprise! Surprise!
The silent thief needs to be stopped by you.
The silent thief wants to be seen.

Copyright © Jolita Kelias 2013
All Rights Reserved

One comment on “THE SILENT THIEF

  • Shelley , Direct link to comment

    This is so true of subtle bullying, a person slowly robbed of their self at the building up of the bully who prospers at the slow eroding of his victim. A thief in deed and definitely needs to be stopped.

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