Christmas Interview with Author, Healer and Teacher Shirlee Hall – a woman with a story of her own

“Surrender is always done in the body right here on earth, not elsewhere. All the years you pass without making any progress are wasted years.” ~Shirlee Hall

Shirlee Hall has a history of being a successful channel for healing. She is an author, healer and teacher. She has written and released seven books on conscious living and awakening. The author works and lives in Chicago, USA. She has had many challenges throughout her life that step by step brought her to higher understanding and awareness of herself and humanity as one whole body. According to Shirlee, humanity is facing a huge identity crisis where the material world gets confused with the spiritual world and it seems that we are all spinning in a vicious circle unable to escape. However, she believes there is a way out through self-awareness and conscious day-to-day choices.

Shirlee says that many of the young people are becoming activists and revolutionaries facing and fighting the biggest problems of today: “We, who are older in years, can also step up and fight for change by first healing ourselves of old programs and conditioning, false teachings, and indifference. We face intense opposition not only from outside influences but the falsity we accumulated in both our everyday thinking and the subconscious part of the mind. People have forgotten the healer within that is fully capable in creating remarkable and life changing goodness now. The world and humanity are in crisis. The Spirit of Truth will build a bridge between all people.”

Her most recent book “Adventures in Consciousness” contains dramatic examples of her story. She says we use our stories to affect change. The author encourages humanity to become active allies of a higher vision: “By taking up the challenge and understanding that we are not a finished product, we learn more about self and values. Together, let us use the wisdom power within. Let us consciously evolve as love in form and put aside everything that limits and divides and rise together like our life-giving Sun that shines on all.”

You see, many people tend to confuse this word awakening big time. They don’t really know what that means. It took me some time to work it out as well, until I came to the full understanding that it was all about making conscious choices towards one’s life that could powerfully improve one’s life, well-being and people’s lives around them. That’s not an easy thing to do, is it?

No, it is not easy to be fully awake. In fact, it is a full-time job. It is not easy because people are easily programmed from the womb and are greatly influenced by other people’s opinions. To consciously evolve is sorely needed but that means the individual must choose to be a conscious creator which includes an ethical evolution. This sounds simple yet, humanity continues to experience the same repetitive cycles of success and failure. The reason why something radically different is needed to achieve and enjoy a future is the fact that creation is divided into cycles. Earth is in the latter part of her last cycle in 3rd density. To “awaken”, humanity must solve a spiritual identity crisis.

I often get a question asked what shall be sacrificed in order to attain enlightenment. I guess it can be very hard at times to change and embrace the new?

Sacrifice obviously means different things to different people. From my understanding and experience, sacrifice is letting go of anything or anyone that stands in the way of my purpose in being. If an individual hasn’t a clue as to his life’s purpose, sacrifice is obviously handled on an entirely different frequency than someone whose intention is to be the fullness of his true and eternal Self. If an activity doesn’t ‘feel’ right, don’t do it. Enlightenment is awakening to our full potential as a spiritual being having a temporary experience in a limited form. Discovering one’s authentic Self involves the joy of discovery and falling in love with ‘something’ indescribable, limitless and utterly beautiful. It is an exciting adventure in consciousness, an adventure that is being described as living proof in amazing ways in my new book release, Adventures in Consciousness – Marvels – Mysteries – Miracles.

Through our short exchange you also mentioned that humanity has developed a huge identity crisis. Could you elaborate on this please?

People normally assume that the body, mind, emotions is the self. The idea of a soul or higher form of light, love and intelligence is not genuinely understood although every sage, mystic and awakened teacher of Reality has attempted to explain our true identity in both simple and complicated words. Truth is a simple language quite different from the reality shows that create further emptiness. If people understood and lived the example and teachings of the Great Ones, would collective consciousness be one of continual cycles of suffering, separation, deception, disasters and confusion? I think not. This is what I mean by a huge identity crisis. About half of the world’s humans haven’t a clue as to why they are in a physical form and what they are to do about it. If more people would give serious thought to what seers and sages have been describing for thousands of years, the collective ignorance or perhaps it is simply denial of what actually is, will be exposed, brought out into the open. Suffering can cease. It is spiritual ignorance regarding our true identity as spirit entrapped in a form and the forgetfulness that typically covers memory like a veil that is the cause of suffering. If people would begin to consciously remember Source and apply what they remember we would be able to genuinely love Self and love others.

I firmly believe in humanities eventual evolution on every level. This is why understanding spiritual identity is so vital to our awareness of our true identity as an eternal ever evolving intelligence awakening to itself through a stream of physical incarnations in matter. Using the caterpillar as an example. A new pattern evolves within the caterpillar. The old system breaks down yet, the caterpillar neither dies nor disintegrates. For from the beginning its hidden purpose was to transform and be reborn as the butterfly. I so believe this. I am continually experiencing an ongoing discovery of personal revelations in not only myself but in others as well that is proving the purpose of physical existence. We are so much more than we appear to be. My books offer first-hand examples regarding our highest potential and the infinite possibilities available in experiencing the marvellous and magical in daily life.

Please tell us about your book Baba – A Magical Cat with a Message and its message to humanity.

“Baba – A Magical Cat with a Message” – one of my favourites has the narrator, Baba, explain his views on our true identity. Baba shares his infinitely superior wisdom with his human pet – Mama Shirlee. Baba suggests how we can heal ourselves and others and at the same time be connoisseurs of comfort. He also suggests that magic can be a living part of our lives. Baba knows how genuine magic is love and energy whether we are a human or a pet. As the narrator, Baba gives examples on how magic is healing and proof of our true spiritual identity. He urges us to step out of the box and even describes our light immortal body. Baba simply explains consciousness as an evolution of the greatest love story ever written. It has been suggested that Baba narrates a series of books to help humanity better understand the human experience as a means for the inner Self, the spirit, to express in matter.

It is a challenge for people to understand what is meant by awakening or the truth of a higher spiritual identity. When they are ready to surrender the ego, all the old programming, opinions and nonsense that have typically been accepted as reality are transformed from the point of view of an ongoing illusion to something else quite remarkable and exquisitely and permanently healing.

A dramatic change in consciousness will eventually occur replacing falsity with a steady and firm belief that actually heals consciousness as well as the body. As a direct result of a life time of experiences in the area of healing, I know with absolute certainty that love for self, love for others and love for an innate beautiful energy patiently waiting within, an authentic understanding will expose the wisdom of the true identity through wonder and joy and not based solely on intellectual or scientific explanations. Healing is a magical ‘inside’ job of discovery.

Why would anyone want to surrender their ego if ego is the one providing with the tools to not only survive in this world but also provide with things wanted and desired? I personally don’t want to surrender my ego. I use it as a tool to live the life I want and choose. It seems like there is a thin red line that confuses many…

You are correct. There is a thin red line, so to speak. It is important to have a good sense of self-esteem, a respect for self as well as honouring our own identity and the identity of another.  It is in carrying anything to an extreme that causes imbalances to occur. Let’s use the example of how some people are determined to be on a spiritual path and decide to surrender all serious issues to a higher force. They feel they don’t have to do anything. Let spirit do it. They think they are surrendering. It is very easy to put your life in jeopardy with this type of surrender. It is wonderful to have faith, powerful in fact, but what is needed in life is balance. We must learn to be responsible and at the same time have faith in a higher power. I have surrendered in danger and during health threats and immediate help has been provided but this form of help is not typical. I also have two good and beautiful friends who have claimed they have surrendered and are doing nothing about the seriousness of their situation. As a result, their health is fast declining. Again, I emphasize balance. Surrender and balance go hand in hand. The role of the ego is often misunderstood because many people associate it with selfishness.  Balance again is what is needed. We must honour and care for our own mind, body and soul and do likewise toward others. Surrender in my way of living is to allow a higher power to be part of our journey as intuitive thought, angelic help and cooperating with others and accepting surprises offered by the universe. Working as a team with infinite possibilities is a positive. Neglecting self-ego or refusing help is not. We are intelligent units of light, not robots. Although we have egos, we are one, a concept not easily understood.

Do you think selfless love exist at all?

If you are referring to giving to others without looking for personal gain, yes, that can exist if we genuinely feel unity and love for other people and life. It is the oneness that many seek and talk about. It is a deep rapport that doesn’t judge or think if the other feels the same way. In my understanding, selfless love is devoid of judgement. Again, selflessness can be carried to an extreme. If it causes harm to the one who lives selflessly is that honouring one’s self? Based on the level of consciousness, there are degrees of understanding and actual demonstration in everything we do.

“Adventures in Consciousness – Marvels, Mysteries & Miracles” is filled with one amazing first-hand experience after another demonstrating there is a light and life available to us that has no metes or bounds. Anything and everything is possible. I explain how knowing and being is actually simple. We can by deliberately cutting the cords to the limited self-become a super woman or superman. I know as a fact that humans are still evolving not only in consciousness but in the recreating or refining of the physical body.

There is truth everywhere. In this book, I share personal experiences that arose out of my surrender to something far grander than this body or conscious mind. I have stumbled many times in learning to walk in the light. I dared to embrace the unexpected, the power and presence of a light and love beyond human description. Instead of my life being manipulated by ego or outward circumstances, people and sources, the inner rhythm and persistent unfolding truth began to live as me.

I describe one out-of-this world true experience after another that proves without a doubt that anything is possible and humans have only begun to tap their inner creativity. To understand that humanity is still evolving, we need to be open and accept the reality of our higher identity and purpose.  Instead of keeping our inner flame small, why not deliberately seek to expand it into a Fire that escalates our vision, quickens our hearts and offers a joyful and loving consciousness overflowing with natural miracles? The experiences I describe are often outrageous but they happened because I believe we are limitless and are now just opening to the infinite possibilities available to us. The more receptive we are the more everything will take on a different colour and the inner music will reveal a continuous stream of divine happenings. Marvels, unveiling the mysteries and experiencing true miracles can happen to anyone. Each experience described demonstrates love as action in its own remarkable way.

I chose forty-six years ago to share my love for God and the ability to offer healing of the body and mind to people who ask. I have a powerful faith and recognize that the divine nature is in all of us. I teach that it is up to us to remove the mask of falsity and claim the spirit of truth within. When we discover the hidden spirit, our soul, and allow it to freely express, we experience a genuine worthiness, health, love and a joy that everyone desires into our everyday life. It is in our choice to be fully responsible for our journey that hope becomes a dominant force in our life.

In this lifetime what do you hope to accomplish?

I have a plan to prove something that has not been done as yet. That is all I will say for now. When it is accomplished, it will be known. I follow the admonition, “Tell no one” because to talk about something close to the heart can dissipate the energy. I choose to maintain the maximal quality of free will while maintaining fidelity to the positive and pure intention of what I am ‘working’ on. “The new paradigm will have to be founded upon the frequency of love, which will allow the frequency of equality, which will allow the frequency of harmony and balance.”

Shirlee Hall’s new book “Circle of Light-revisited” 

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