SERGEJ MASKO – Unassuming Talented Photographer

Sergej MaskoI feel a great need to spread a message about one particular person in whom I see a great potential in the field of photography. He did a photo-shoot of me in November 2011 at a very short notice. We met next to the Lancaster Gate station and proceeded at the Kensington park in London.

SERGEJ MASKO is an unassuming, talented young photographer residentially based in London, UK. Originally he is from Latvia, Baltic States. He is very modest about his work and his ability, but I personally see a huge potential in this young character. He calls himself a beginner who started his professional photography just 6 years ago, however already now I can clearly see that he has gotten a gift, willingness to grow and expand and desire to move forward no matter what.


Our photo-shoot took just over an hour. Mother Nature blessed us with the beautiful sunny weather and wind.


Sergej insisted for me not to pose, as he is more interested in catching an image of the person at their most natural time – unprepared and not posing.


Whenever he got a right photo of me (whatever that right was), he became ecstatic. “Jolita, this is fantastic. This is great. Wow!” he would exclaim in an absolute joy.


Sergej Masko puts very high standards to himself and no matter how well he does, he yet believes he could do better, and so he keeps moving forward, learning, growing, challenging himself, playing with the lights, colours, places, nature.


He does not tell you what to do, his only desire for you to be You – natural you.


He said: “I love taking pictures of people. There is always something special you can find in them they did not know existed, there is always a time to catch that special moment, that special glance, that exceptional smile, unexpected movement… I love people.”


No matter how long the journey might be, it can be travelled and the destination reached at exact time as preplanned by Life itself if One just dares to travel, persist and never take No for an answer.


And so I say: “Grow, Sergej! Grow! Expand! Reach for the Stars! And don’t you even think to stop!”


Sergej Masko, Facebook

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