seductionSeduction… Do you know why at times it can be good to deny to someone access to the depths of your heart and instead choose seduction and lure? Because then you can avoid revealing your true self and your fears, showing too much of your bare skin made of soul and body. To that someone other you always remain beautiful and unique… Men keep thinking of you and want you, but you choose to escape their hands each time while yet enjoying the process of seduction. You become a mystery – a mystery woman.

You are that unavailable muse, who fascinates and surprises but never allows anyone to come close to her. You play your game well with a vigour with whoever you want and whenever you want, because you know you can choose… The hurt escapes you, as you fall for no one. However, this is just a game – a temporary one. The game about trying to deceive others, but in truth you are mostly deceiving yourself.

It is such a poor example of love for yourself.

The fear is the true reason behind it all. The fear to open the door into the depths of your heart and show what lies inside; the fear to be seen as you are – vulnerable, confused, fragile. Because of this fear you may choose to seduce and leave, so you could run away the moment things become more serious. You are afraid that you won’t be liked for who you are and you could get hurt and even left alone. You are afraid to disappoint someone’s vision about you. You know you are a mysterious Muse. And so therefore you play your game of seduction. Under that mask you hide your bad moods and menstrual syndrome that makes your body ache. You hide it all. Yes. It is easier to close the door and pretend that everything is fine and continue giving away those never ending seductive smiles that leave deep footprints in someone’s memory about mysterious woman – you – they met. But this is just a game.

The person who loves you and whom you one day choose to love has many colours – you might see him in a good or bad mood, crying and weak or strong and warm, rational, direct or rigorous… He is a human being just like you. In love all kind of things happen. And it should be so. When you are loved, you are loved for who you are – messy, chaotic, confused,crying, childish, cheerful, gentle, moody due to PMS, aching, happy… Just because of those simple things to someone youare the most wonderful and beautiful. And so you are loved.

The game of seduction can feel good, especially if well played. To live like this for some time can be also good. However, this is just another way for a gentle self-delusion and robbery of what is true. Eventually, after some time, a deep, silent black emptiness opens up…and there you may lose yourself.

So therefore, I would wish for you to love yourself!

Dr. Aiste Dromantaite
Vilnius, Lithuania

Translated by Jolita Kelias

Copyright © Jolita Kelias 2013
All Rights Reserved


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