Once I asked Life to surround me with loving, genuine, kind people who were open to show and spread that love and kindness without any hesitation. And life seemed to hear my prayer.
The work that I do is wonderful. Because of it I get to meet the most inspirational, simple and extra-ordinary, loving, kind, generous people on this wonderful planet. I must say, we all carry a great potential to inspire, to do good, to perform noble tasks, to carry responsibility, to be kind and caring, to love.


Mohanji and Biba

Some time ago I got to know a wonderful family currently based in the Sultanate of Oman. Almost a year ago a baby girl was born to them and I became her spiritual god-mother. Baby girl’s name is Mila. Mother is known as Biljana and her husband to some is known as Mohan and to some as Mohanji – spiritual teacher, guru. I personally call him Mohanji.
I have known them since November 2009. Straight away a deep connection was felt among us. It felt as if the lost part of the family finally came together once more. It was not just any kind of friendship, it was me rediscovering my family, us rediscovering each other. We became impatient to meet each other for real, to hug each other, to give and share our unconditional love. Eventually the day came when I booked my flight ticket, and in October 2011 I took a flight to the Sultanate of Oman. I felt incredibly excited and grateful.

Oman3 Interestingly enough while on a plane I got to know a young English chap known as Joe Daniels whose story got me so interested that I did an interview with him right there on the plane while flying to the Sultanate of Oman. Three weeks later I published the article on my Blog and spread it around. You may find and read my conversation with Joe in the link enclosed below.

Conversation with Joe Daniels

I was warmly welcomed by Mohanji and his wife Biljana. I felt at home straight away. It has been well said and well known that your home is where your heart is. My time there was filled with joy, laughter, peace, kindness and love. During my stay there I spent our precious time with the whole family and my sweet god-daughter, I also had some rest, meditated, did a bit of work: some creative writing, and filmed two live interviews with Mohanji and the Bless The World Family that compiles of people focused on selfless service, kindness, generosity, love, spiritual growth and peace.

Oman4It was my first trip ever to the Middle-East, to the Gulf Coast, to the world of completely different landscape, climate, culture and people whose way of living and thinking differed a lot from the people in Europe. I did not know what to expect from the trip itself, from whatever and whoever I might encounter, so I just opened myself for life to kindly surprise me and gift me with the amazing experiences. I asked for the richness of the possible moments and, I must say, my wish has been fulfilled beyond my expectations.
When I landed in Muscat, Oman, the temperature there reached almost 30 degrees C. It was humid and very hot and I was dressed in my autumn clothes, as I was coming from rainy, cold London. On my arrival I was granted a tourist visa for up to 30 days.


An abandoned ancient city, Muscat, Oman

I was impressed and surprised by the cleanliness of the capital of Muscat. Oman is located in the desert and all you can see are various rock formations, stony mountains, dry sand and more rocks.


Mountains in the desert, Oman

The capital is extremely well organised, clean, streets most of the time empty, not much traffic. Of course, during a hot day everyone prefers to be indoors with the air conditioners on. I did exactly the same – either I was inside the house or in the car.


My main outings happened later in the day when heat got lower and breeze blew stronger from the seashore.


Mrs Dr. Deepali Jaju and her husband Sanjay Jaju

During two of those days family’s friends, Mrs Dr Deepali Jaju and her husband Sanjay Jaju, with great joy went sightseeing with me. I felt so much unconditional love and care coming from them, it is hard to explain this amazing feeling in words.


One of the palaces of Sultan, Oman

They drove me around the capital, brought me to the Old Town which due to its old buildings strongly differed from the newly built city of Muscat, showed me one of the palaces of Sultan which to me looked absolutely grand and amazing, and brought me to the seaside.


One of the palaces of Sultan, Oman

I also had an opportunity to take a ride on the boat and pass by a huge beautiful rock formations. They looked after me as if I was their own daughter.


I feel blessed by experiencing such a high level of kindness and unconditional love.


Mountain watch towers, Oman

The most touching moment was when they brought me to the Shiva temple based in the Old Town.


Shiva temple, Old Town, Oman

We bought a fresh coconut which later I offered to the divine. Sanjay Jaju had an incredible patience in showing me what I should do and explaining the meaning of it all.


Ride on the boat, Muscat, Oman

Being in Oman I felt very peaceful and relaxed. I know it was mostly because of the people that surrounded me, of my family. I felt as if I have finally come home after a long long journey…


 Ride on the boat, Muscat, Oman

I also gave a promise to my god-daughter baby Mila that no matter what happens, no matter where I go or where she is, I will always make sure to spend time with her and the family at least once a year. I intend to keep my word.


Amazing rock formations, Oman

I also had an amazing opportunity to swim in the sea under the night sky among various rock formations.


Ride on the boat, Muscat, Oman

Water was extremely calm and warm. That gave me an opportunity to enjoy my swim even more, as I was able to peacefully lay on my back fully surrendering to the water and look at the night sky.


However, the most strange and funny part of it all was when we were ‘designing’ my swimsuit. Apparently, in public beaches women are not allowed to show the naked parts of their body, so Dr Deepali and I were creating a middle-east kind of bikini for me. I had some long black leggings and a yellow blouse with short sleeves, which we put together and for that one evening it became my swimming suit. To me it felt very strange to swim fully dressed as I have never been used to such kind of restrictions. I felt kind of limited, I could not feel the connection to water, I felt greatly restricted. I myself grew up by the Baltic sea and throughout the years I developed a deep connection to water. However, a fully clothed body was not something that created that comfort I was used to. Anyway, I chose to treat it as one time exception and made sure to enjoy my swim as much as possible.


Smiljana Vladetic and Jolita Kelias

On the following day a dear friend of mine, Smiljana Vladetic, brought me to one of the salsa evenings at one of the hotels in Muscat. It was great to meet the community of salsa people in Oman, to feel the atmosphere, to experience the flow of energy and connection of people, to touch the dance floor and leave a small piece of my footprints there… I got to dance with four different dancers, who, I could feel, mastered salsa dance pretty well. I am not very good at dancing salsa, but I can be very good at following the one that leads.

Oman22I clearly remember one morning in particular… I fell asleep probably at around 5am in the morning, and an hour later I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I jumped out of my bed to open the door just to hear that in less than 25 minutes I was to go to see the wild spinner dolphins.

Just before 7am I was sitting in the car all excited, another half an hour later I was on the boat being taken to the sea 2 miles (if not more) away from the shore.

Oman23What a joy it was for me to see the wild spinner dolphins passing by, diving around the boat, jumping and twisting in the air. I was surprised to see how small they were. That early morning I spent a full 2 hours on the boat. The heat was pretty much unbearable, but the wind blowing from the sea cooled me down.

I was also taken around the shores of Muscat and shown various rock formations. One that truly impressed me was a rock formation that holds an image of an elephant. I must admit, I have never seen anything like this before.


On my way to see the Wild Spinner Dolphins, Oman

On every Thursday, there is a Power of Purity meditation program at Mohanji’s residence attended by many people and I had the privilege to participate in it. I had also a privilege to participate in the Sastang and hear some profound answers to some of the most personal questions.


The Wild Spinner Dolphins, Oman

I experienced an incredible peace that The Power of Purity meditation and Shaktipat brought into my heart and mind. It is not easy to explain the peace one feels after their mind shuts down and heart finally gets an opportunity to speak its truth – truth of pure love.


The Elephant Rock, Muscat, Oman

I could go into the detail mentioning variety of places I got an opportunity to see and visit, explaining how I felt and what I thought, how it all looked, whom I met, what conversations I had, but…writing this article it was never my main aim.


One of the main roads, Muscat, Oman

My aim was to share a small piece of that pure joy and peace that I felt when being there. I felt as if Oman in its own profound way was romancing me.


Mohanji’s driver Firoz and me

I will be back, I definitely will, and not only for the Oman itself, but for the people that I met and got to know while being there and had just enough time to fall in love with.
What would Oman be without its people? It would be just an empty vase, a lonely desert, a place where wind sings its song, and only rocks, dry sand, sun and starry sky can hear its plea.


Mohanji and I during our recorded live interview, Muscat, Oman

Life can be so giving if you are just open enough to wish for what you want, reach for the stars and always… always hope for the best. And I wished, and I asked, and my prayer was heard. I feel truly humbled by the wonders of life, by the variety of profound experiences and people that life gifts me with each and every time.

Copyright © Jolita Kelias 2013
All Rights Reserved

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  • James Finnie , Direct link to comment

    You write with such utter honesty and clarity that I feel compelled to keep reading and keep discovering the truth that you share in every line. I discovered you through a friend’s link on facebook but have bookmarked this site as I plan to return and keep reading.
    May light and love be with you always and our connection only ever grow positively stronger.


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