Life has its own scent. I call it perfume… Your perfume describes you… Your fragrance takes you into the day…

I have my own favourite perfume… I enjoy a good perfume. I love Coco Chanel. For me it has always been Coco Chanel. I love the feminine and masculine of Coco Chanel; The strength of hers; The vulnerability of hers; The legend that never dies in her; The truth she dared to speak…and speaks to this day. A good perfume is worth owning. A good perfume is the describer of one’s true essence…of that day.

My chosen fragrance describes how I feel. I spray perfume of Coco Chanel every day of every day no matter what. I own five different fragrances… The scent of Coco Chanel is with me whether I am in pyjamas or best clothes there is for me to wear. The scent of Coco Chanel travels with me whether I am at home or in the fields or among people while socialising or doing business. I wear the legend that was always meant here to stay.

I don’t wait for a special moment or that special day or that unique meeting… My special day, my special moment, my special meeting of me is NOW. Now is all that matters in the world of mine.

When my time comes to go, I will take the smell of Coco Chanel together with me. May the legend accompany the legend. It is always good to own a good perfume and wear variety of it every day… Be a legend in your own right no matter what clothes and what worldly problems you carry on your shoulders. In the end one of the things that will remind people about you will be your perfume…

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