white birdI dreamt I was in Heaven standing high on the top of the mountain covered in white clouds. I felt happy and at peace. I looked up and noticed two beautiful white birds that I have never seen before flying high in the sky. Suddenly one went down and began hovering above me. I started dancing and jumping in excitement. Then, I stretched my hands up and invited the bird to land in my hands. My intentions were pure. I did not intend to keep the bird, I did not intend to own the bird, I did not intend to cage the bird, all I wanted was to show what a beautiful nest/home I made for it.

The bird continued hovering above me. Once more I welcomed it to land in my hands. The next moment the bird surrendered itself and softly landed in my hands. I felt so much love for it I cannot put this feeling into words. I felt an incredible gratitude to it for showing me trust. And so I tenderly carried it towards its nest, placed it inside and said:

“This is your home. This gate will never be closed; you may come and leave any time you wish.”

The bird adjusted itself comfortably in the nest.

I looked at it and smiled. A few moments passed but the bird showed no interest in leaving. I was very surprised.

“Now you may fly away,” I said.

The bird did not move.

“Why don’t you leave?” I asked. “You may fly away. I just wanted to show you your new home. You may come and leave any time you want.”

The bird did not move.

I enquired again: “Why don’t you fly away?”

And then the answer came to me: “For as long as you keep the gate open, I shall stay.”

*** *** ***

This vivid dream was a great reminder to me about how the law of nature works. You want to have something, let go of it first regardless of the end result. It does not necessary mean you will get what you wish for, but at least it will be easier once that moment comes if it comes.
That’s the law of nature – when you let go of something, when you let go of need and expectations, Life becomes Simple, things start to work out, but the most important you become calmer, more relaxed and focussed.
So whenever I feel like holding onto something, I immediately go back to that dream of mine of Heaven and the Bird. That helps me to change my course… I Let Go.

~Jolita Kelias

open gate

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