Kindness Heals…

Gently gently I am writing the soothing words to myself… I am writing them to you, for you… I am sharing my world with you… I am soothing you through me…” ~Jolita Kelias

Life does not stand still. It is like a river – it moves and carries time with it. If water stands still, it begins to stink and rot from within. It is important to keep moving forward, growing from within, embracing inevitable change…

Lately I have been thinking a lot on the subject of kindness. I noticed I can be quite sharp and unpleasant to others when feeling unkind to myself. I suddenly could unpleasantly snap at people who love and care about me. It is good to observe this particular feeling and my thought patterns, so in future I could understand others better when they behave in a similar fashion.

No one ever said it would be easy, but definitely possible. It can be hard to watch oneself and implement new behaviours and ways of being. But when you see how positively it affects your environment, it motivates you to continue on the journey of change.

Kindness is powerful. Kindness heals broken hearts, disturbed environments, unexpected discord; soothes conflicts and chaotic emotions, balances one’s mind and gently connects one to their heart. Kindness brings forgiveness and makes it alive over and over again. Vulnerability holds the key to the powerful almighty kindness.

My experience showed me that majority of time difficult people are difficult because of the pain or hardship they are going through their lives there and then. When you know that, it becomes easier to forgive and move on. But I also understood, my deeper understanding of myself helps me to forgive me too. I know I must be kind to me first before I reach out into the outer world.

So therefore, I am remembering to be kind to myself especially during the moments when I don’t like me at all. There was a time in my life when I believed I did not deserve goodness, and hence, goodness never seemed to stay around me for long. However, now I believe otherwise. I am the child of god, of universe, of life…, and so I deserve the best. I give that permission to me through the feeling and act of kindness. I wholeheartedly invite you to do the same.

Be kind to yourself, so you could be kind to others that way showing people the path to your heart, to your world which is rich of colour and full of life. Be kind to yourself, so others could be kind to you and simultaneously kind to themselves too. Kindness is smoothing and powerful. Kindness heals. Always remember that!

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