flying angel“I am the Angel of Light.”

“The Angel of Light?” a man asked all surprised.

“Yes, your Angel,” the Angel confirmed.

“OK,” the man slowly nodded not being sure what to do or say next.

The light shining from the angel was whole piercing.

“I am here to guide you back to Life,” angel’s voice sounded with great authority and yet very soft and full of love.

“And where is that?” the man asked curiously.

“Deep inside of you. You lost your way… You have forgotten who you are. It seems you know all the answers, all the possible theories, and yet very little gets applied practically. I came to show you a way…” the angel of light spoke.

“Who am I?” the man enquired.

The angel of light smiled in silence.

“Who am I?” the man enquired once more.

The Angel kept quiet.

“Who am I?!” the man insisted for an answer. The presence of the light angel brought a profound peace around him, and even the wind stopped blowing. The man knew that if he really wanted to get the answers to the questions he has been asking God for the past few decades, the time was now and only now.

“Precisely. Who are you?”

“I am not sure…” the man doubted.

“You were so fast to forget your true identity once magically entangled into the net of physical dance of life that that managed to bring you only despair and doubt. This world took your breath away before you even knew it.”

“But I am breathing…” the man tried to explain himself.

“No, you are holding your breath… The longer you hold, the less alive you feel. You voluntarily suck your life’s energy out of yourself.”

“But I can feel I am breathing,” the man insisted.

“If you are breathing, then tell me why are you feeling so tired, where is this despair coming from, why is there so much doubting and questioning?” the angel challenged him once more.

“I am looking for the answers… I feel that without those answers I cannot go on any more,” a man dropped to his knees covering face with his hands and sobbed.

“You are desperately catching your breath. The clock is ticking – tick tack, tick tack…”

“Yes, it is…” the man humbly agreed.

“What are you waiting for? Tick tack, tick tack…”

“Please stop it. You are scaring me!” he cried in desperation.

“Tick tack… Tick tack…” the angel of light continued.

The man sobbed uncontrollably: “Stop it please! Show me a way.”

With these words the angel stopped and smiled: “I shall do so, but will you see? will you hear my message? will you listen? will you give an effort?..”

“I will! I will!”

“Of course, you will… You better will.” The angel gently touched the man’s face, “Breathe. Now breathe…”


“Do you truly think it is all about the physical breathing?”

“Was it not what you meant?” the man asked once more confused.

“No,” the angel’s answer cut straight through his confusion. “Life is your true breath. The last time you breathed was when you came out of the woman’s womb. Straight after that the world of human caught your breath and kept holding it in its claws to this day, just within time it became so normal that you began holding it by yourself. You knew no other way. Often you wondered why Life was so difficult. And the truth always was one and the same – Life was never difficult. Your holding your own breath suffocates you and leads you to the door of death. And even then the death itself is not that bad for as long as you learn your lesson and next time do not repeat it again, but… But you have kept failing to remember the lesson learned throughout the lifetime to lifetime equally the same as many of your fellow human beings.”

The man succumbed on the ground in desperate silence. There was no need for words to be said, for the arguments to be displayed, for the truth to be denied.

“Allow your tears to flow freely,” the angel spoke softly. “Invite them to live their life through you, become one with them. Do not resist. Welcome Life to express itself through you. Do not be afraid. I will walk every step with you until you regain your breath…”

“What does life have to do with the tears?” the man enquired. Whenever he thought he understood the message given, there immediately came the other one he could not comprehend.

“Throughout your short existence life takes many forms, and you are the one who chooses how to shape them. Life is flexible, it does not resist your creation. Within time you have become so blind and deaf, you stopped seeing it as the form of life. Tears are one of those forms and whatever that hides underneath them. And the root of it all is life itself.”

“How does life feel?” The man wondered.

“How does crying feel?” The angel replied.

The man did not answer. That’s when he understood that even words can lose their power and be meaningless. How can one explain how crying feels? It can only be felt, and only a crying one knows the real truth of it.

“I want to go Home…wherever that is,” the man whispered silently.

The angel of light kept silent, then a moment later he spoke again.

“Breathe. Breathe. You will find life in your breath. Your home is there.”

“I am breathing…” the man replied and took a deep breath.

“No, not yet. Live. Start living. Start truly living your highest purpose. Live life as if you were to die today, as if that was the last breath you were about to catch, as if there was no more other moments to come regardless of their form and emotion. Live life that your soul thirsts for so much. Live. Truly live. That’s then you will catch your breath.”

Then, the angel stretched his hand and gently touched the man’s shoulder: “Come with me. You are not alone any longer. You never were…”

~Jolita Kelias


Copyright © Jolita Kelias 2013

All Rights Reserved

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