Silvia Mick

She is honest, bold, outspoken, unapologetic and free…  She is 100% Italian and her name is SILVIA MICK. She is the Author of book “I Am – Absolute Freedom“.

She daringly Invites and Encourages people to follow their personal agenda whether that would be certain goals or dreams or just being and staying true to themselves. Her daring Invitation is based on her own painful life experience, deep observations and her personal example in being able to break free and BE Free as a Soulful Human Being.

When I opened your website, in front of my eyes popped out the cover of your book I am – Absolute Freedom, and then these words came out: ‘I am silviamick, I am a self-published author, and here’s my project: let’s get together to create a global movement of whole and unapologetic people united by a common slogan This world needs a Revolution. You & I are the chosen ones’. How did you come up with this idea? Why unapologetic people? What do you mean by that?

Dreamers with a project – that’s what the world needs right now and what society’s Program should be scared of – Unapologetic people with a practical dream. People who are not afraid to be who they really are and who are ready to stand up for what they believe-in in the most peaceful and respectful way. In other words, to start a global Revolution opposing hypocrisy, phoniness, falsity, injustice, brainwashing, globalization which just means to make us all the same reducing us to a percentage, a number, destroying our uniqueness. To teach people by example and show that the arrogant and the richest aren’t always right and cannot easily get away with anything they do. To make clear that Equality and Tolerance are possible, and Non-Violence too.

Book 3D

Based on your own experience, is it easy to be an unapologetic person?

No, it is not easy to be unapologetically yourself. You have to dive into yourself, dig into the dirt, accept all the bad stuff you’ll find there, all the dark spots, all the so-called ‘unacceptable’ ones and start exactly from what you see, the real You, your Core, and then fall in love with yourself, all of yourself, without judgement.

I found that what I have inside me is the most precious and special present I can ever give to myself and others. I learned not to be ashamed of who I am. I fight to be alive, to be free, to be finally able to say I AM without any kind of attachment to follow. Just I AM. That’s all I have. That’s all I need. Because no matter what some people may say, a falling tree makes some noise even if there’s nobody around to hear it. Otherwise we’ll always have to wait for somebody to acknowledge us to have proof that we are real.

Now it is time for a change.

Do you think people really know how to be absolutely free? How do you see an Absolute Freedom, Silvia?

No, I don’t think so. I think that FREEDOM is one of the most abused words nowadays. It’s everywhere, uttered by anyone. Freedom became a commodity. Turn on your TV and you’ll have people selling you their perfect recipe to be free. But I don’t think that people actually know how to be free, nor that they really want this Freedom everyone is talking about.

To me, Absolute Freedom is the path to make your life the masterpiece you were born for, but it can be a harsh and lonesome journey. No boundaries. No one to hold on to. No protective walls. No gentle words to soothe you or cheer you up. It’s just you and the void around and within. The Life, your Life around and within, ready to be created and moulded the way you want it to be.

It is all about being who you really are, no matter of your surroundings. In order to do that, you have to Know and Accept of who you really are, and that is the most difficult part of it. It can be a very painful and liberating journey of self-discovery, and most people don’t like to be alone looking inside of themselves. Society and its brilliant Program don’t help you either.

What Program are you talking about, Silvia?

The Program is how we are supposed to live according to standards and rules, it’s the “perfect solution” for all our problems, it is how we SHOULD be according to somebody else’s idea of perfection. And…everybody has a perfect Program for me and you to follow. The Program is what’s crushing your inner child, your potential to be who you are because it is so STRONG and SPIDER-WEB LIKE that it just penetrates very deeply inside of our core and it’s very difficult to eradicate. First of all, because you have to realize you are a part of it and that’s very hard since you see seven billion people around you following it and trying, for the most part, to convince themselves that they’re perfectly fine and nothing is missing in their life.

We’re just submerged every single second of every day by people and ads and political and religious leaders telling us how to live and it’s certainly easier to follow somebody else’s ready-to-wear idea than to work on your own. And the Program is so convincing that we end up believing that we DO REALLY WANT what we are told that we should want and that we are the way we’re told we should be.

Silvia M...That’s Fear…

That’s fear. We are so scared of Absolute Freedom that we build perfect cages all around us and then we curse life because that cage we have built is not the solution we thought it would be and just makes us feel trapped.

But Freedom doesn’t just happen. You have to work on it, on your very own version of it and also respect other people’s version. You have to overcome all of your limits, always remembering that the self-imposed ones are the most difficult to eradicate. You have to be ready to face all the vicious consequences that will come when you don’t follow that magical Program somebody else has devised for you, the perfect-way-to-happiness that is just the path to that normality, which should be your greatest ambition according to many.

Is it possible to reach an Absolute Freedom right now and right here in these times? How far one must go for it?

Of course it is possible, but you have to work on it (and yourself) to make it happen.

The discovery of yourself, of your own Freedom is a lifelong journey and not a stage you reach and you’re done. People will always be there to remind you that your path will take you nowhere just because billions of people before you opted for the mainstream one. They’ll try to scare the hell out of you by making you feel that you are on the wrong path, that you’ll find yourself alone if you keep walking on it. But your own path is everything you need to live and be alive and most of the times others are just trying to break your wings to have another proof that it’s impossible to fly.

Who are those people, those They?

Anyone you feel limited by, anyone you feel it’s imposing their views/ ideas/ judgements/ perfect-way-to-be on you, but remember, you are the one who is in charge. Other people will never stop selling you their recipe to a perfect life, but you need no advice but your guts’ advice. Believe me. Stop asking everyone what you should do, you perfectly know it. You’re just looking for somebody to tell you that what you’re doing is right. But that’s risky, because if you don’t find anybody supporting your idea, you can lose the biggest opportunity of your life just because you haven’t found anybody who believes in that as you do.

YOU have to believe in what you do. You won’t find anywhere else what you can’t find in you. Once you understand this point, you’ll stop looking for what you need outside of yourself. Do things for you, you have nothing to prove. And there’s also another shade to this point. Once you stop needing other people’s praising for whatever you do, you’ll stop hating them because they don’t give it to you. People have a right to criticize you. They have a right to dislike you. You have a right to ignore them and walk on your shiny path.

Never forget that self-imposed limits are the hardest ones to eradicate. So smash those walls you have built for yourself and no chains will be able to hold you down.

You sound very enlightening. What have you done yourself to experience this kind of insight and determination?

I strive to live my life every single day according to my own rules and principles. To follow my own heart and dreams, to never go for second best and always shoot right for the SKY, because that’s what we all deserve and have a right to: The life of our dreams!

I am not the perfect one who always knows what to say or do or how to dress and be smart and funny. I do not always get what I want, no matter how hard I try or the blood I spit.

I am just learning on the go. How to be myself day after day, no matter what and who is around and I only know the road to un-perfection.

Un-perfection?Silvia Mick...

Yes, un-perfection. I cannot ever reach perfection but in this very moment I am perfect just the way I am, which, in turn, doesn’t mean that I cannot get better and improve every day working on myself.

The easiest path is just an illusion. Freedom lies in the hardest ways. You can never imagine the discipline it takes to be yourself and stay true to the core of your being when everybody wants you to live according to their idea of perfection.

I don’t hold the truth. I am learning on the go. I am a spiritual roamer. Never stopping on surface, nor accepting the most common view or opinion.

I know the next step on my evolution path, of my way to Freedom, and I am working on it right now: I have to be up front and put myself at risk leaving my comfort zone as much as possible. I have to stop avoiding things and people pretending that I don’t need anyone because I know that I am doing that just out of the fear of being vulnerable and hurt, always remembering that I can never reach perfection, but that in this very moment I Am Perfect.

As I say in one of my poems, “I am a woman perfect in my imperfections…that’s me”…

I don’t want to teach anything to anyone. I would just love to tell people that we all have a right to our dreams and that life is in my and your hands right now, and we can mould it the way we feel better for ourselves. It’s never too late to do that. That’s what it’s all about.

Your personal path and evolution can never end. We have everything inside of us, all we need is already there.

Sadly, most of the times some of us just let our potential rot inside of us, we waste opportunities just because of the fear of not being good enough, because we are looking for an external confirmation that may or may not come and we just spend our life in an open cage, unable to spread those wings and fly so high, to lead by example, to inspire and help other people do the same, supporting their very personal way to their Absolute Freedom.

What brought you to this project you call Absolute Freedom?

I always wanted to write this book. I remember having the very first inspiration for it when I was 12 or 13 years old, and I imagined it exactly like it is now, but it took me a very long time to actually sit down and do it. When I was a teenager, all I had was frustration, rage; I felt I had no direction. I felt I was an outcast, who did not fit anywhere, so I had to solve a lot of issues to actually make any sense of the furious and dark turmoil I had inside of me. And life somehow helped me do it in the most traumatic way you can imagine.

Silvia Mick..At one point in my life I made a decision that makes my heart ache to this day. I aborted a baby due to one night stand. It happened over 12 years ago, but memories are still there, the pain and regret are still there. This used to be and sometimes still is so painful that sometimes I have to look back at it like if I was watching a movie about somebody else’s life, just to detach myself.

Do you think you are feeling guilty because of certain imposed belief norms by society or because it flows freely through you? Is it really fine to feel guilty about something that at that time you felt was the best decision you could possibly make? Why do you keep tormenting yourself for so long?

Guilt and pain are never easy to heal, and again, you have to work on that like on a scar on your body. It takes time, as much as it is needed: healing is a very personal process, it depends on the way you are, your feelings, your capacity to look into yourself, to accept and love that scar no matter what, it depends on the depth of that scar, how you deal with it, how you react to what happened to you. Scars heal only after having bled for as long as it takes for them to heal.

I know that now this stage of healing of the shame and the guilt also has to pass through sharing this painful experience to tell people that no matter how HARD life hits on you, you can rise above of it all and be happy again and live the life of your dreams.

Absolute Freedom is a lifelong process; you can never stop evolving and becoming more ‘free’, more yourself and more ‘unapologetic’. Looking at it in perspective, after 12 years, I know that it was the best decision and somehow it was necessary, because it really started my Personal Evolution and Revolution, which brought me to be the person I am today – free, outspoken, unapologetic and honest with myself and others.

What is Your Dream?

To have no regrets. Ever. To always be able to see with a clear mind what my REAL desires are and have the strength and the courage to go for my dreams and turn them into reality.

That’s the reason why I am here, still alive: I am here to be myself always and completely, in good and bad, and to follow the flow of life. I am here to try every possible experience, to live every emotion, to die and be born again and again as a new person, forever. I am here to overcome all of my limits, especially the self-imposed ones, the worst of all, the others are way simpler to eradicate. I am here to smash the walls that I have built for myself and to tell everybody it IS possible to do that. To say to everyone that the one and major difference between someone who makes it and someone who doesn’t is very simple: the former gives it a try. More success, less success – that’s not the point. The point is doing what you love to do, living your dream, no matter what it is or how many people share your ideas. The point is being yourself, following your guts, dreaming the impossible dream and working on it to make it real, walking the path you are meant to walk on, your very personal Hall of Fame.

That’s what I wish to all of you for 2011: make it YOUR year – your No-Regrets Year.

What makes you proud of yourself?

The way I have evolved and changed throughout my life makes me feel proud of myself for having always been able to pick myself up from the ground and walk on. I am proud to be who I have become.

My inner strength makes me proud of myself.

My being grateful and always in touch with the Big Above or Great Beyond or Universe or God or anyway you call it, makes me proud and happy.

Having lost more than 50 pounds through the years makes me really proud.

And to keep being proud of myself I know that I have to keep on following my guts, working to make my dreams come true and live with no regrets, working my way to my very own brand of Absolute Freedom.

Book 3D


Book can be ordered only via her website.

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