CONVERSATION with HENRY GOLD – Internet Marketing Virtuoso and Mentor

Henry Gold
Internet Marketing Consultant
Free Thinker
Straight Talker

Determined Doer

During our conversation yesterday you uttered words like Success, Successful, Succeed quite a lot. Henry, how do you define success?

Success is when you are able to detach yourself from material possession, greed, anger, hatred, and jealousy. It is when you truly understand that everything you see in the world, everything that you have, and everything that you own is temporary. Yet, you are able to focus on giving, helping others, as well as transform other people’ life to the path of enlightenment.

For most people, they look at the wealth, power, and material things that other people have as the measurement of someone’s success. To be honest with you, I do not blame them. This is what the media wants humans to believe. This is also the reason why when you watch all those movies, they focus on luxury cars, big mansions, as well as the size of your companies.

The problem is… Having those material things that are out there does not represent your inner joy. I can tell you from my own experience that I have plenty in my life. Though I can’t compare the wealth that I have with Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, but I do have a good life.

I have a very good relationship with someone that I love and I care about. She is beautiful. She is adorable. She is a very caring person. She understands my needs. She is someone that knows my weaknesses and strengths. It is because of her existence I become wiser than before in terms of the way I spend my time between my business and my personal life. You see, in the past I was a workaholic. Seriously, I was. Many times, I did not care about my personal health. Well, I have almost ruined it anyway.

As soon as I am in this relationship, I told myself that I needed a strong balance between personal and professional life. This is the reason why after Friday at 2 PM, I stopped all my work and turned off my laptop. It didn’t matter any more to me on what happen to the world.

It is because of this balanced life, I became more passionate to help other people and go through the life with enthusiasm.

I have a very strong spiritual life where I dedicate my life to it on a daily basis.

Of course, per our conversation, I’ve been doing my meditation for more than two years. This meditation has helped me to stay calm in the wake of adversities that come my way. Jolita, even in the most challenging situation, I am able to stay calm as I know that the universe is guiding me toward the direction I am supposed to go.

I care about people. I understand about the life after death. I appreciate every person that I encounter. I don’t have any expectations. Power and wealth are not what I am aiming for. Instead, I want to make a great impact on other people’s lives with the life I live.

A lot of people tell me that we can have a better future and we can have a better life. I don’t believe in any of this. I know it is hard to understand every word that I have mentioned to you. However, it is the reality of life.

Whether I like it or not, at the end of life is DEATH. When I said this, a lot of people would tell me that I am too pessimistic. The truth is… I am far more optimistic than people think to be.

Of course, along the way I made mistakes for sure.
Of course, there would be people who don’t want me to be successful.

Of course, there would be naysayers that said things about what I do.

Does it bother me? NO.

Why is that, Henry?

Well, in the year 2111, I will no longer be here to serve others. It also means that the person named Henry Gold will become the past. The future Henry Gold has not come yet to the human world. However, it will become the past too. If I have to say more to you on this, it means that Henry Gold has never existed in this world.

I have employees and an assistant who are loyal to me. I understand that I may not keep them forever. Some people may go their ways. Some people may have a different plan in life. However, I know that I will always do my best for them.

You see, I have never felt alone. Even in the darkest moment of my life, I have had my employees who would constantly support me from the back.

To be honest with you, I love my employees. A lot of times, I have used tough love as a way to lead my people toward my business goal. However, inside me, I want to give them a better compensation through my business. This is why I work much harder than other people in my company.

I sweat. I cry. I battle to get the company move forward as fast as I can. Of course, there were some setbacks in the business. However, as I understood that I am not just in business for me, but for the well being of all employees, it doesn’t stop me for keep doing my best until the end.

For me, this is what success is all about. It is all about the joy, the happiness, and the transformation you make in other people’s lives. In addition to that, it is also about the good feelings that you have, which is far away from the attachment of any negative thought, fear, hatred, anger, jealousy, and etc.

At most part, I called this…’Beyond positive mindset’. When you tell yourself that you are a positive person, it means that as soon as fear sets into your life, you will start to think negative. When you talk about beyond positive, it means that you understand that everything that you see right now is only temporary.

There is no so-called good or bad. It is one of those things that we have to go through as part of being a human. It also means that the feeling of pain, sadness, depression, happiness, and joy are non-existent as well. Everything is temporary. Of course, for people who can’t get this will not understand what I am referring to.

However, I can tell you right now that when you sleep at night and you can still open up your eyes, that’s what we call one day. When you sleep at night and you can no longer open your eyes, that is what we call a lifetime. It also means that everything will be just a dream. This is what I referred to “Non-existence” of life form.

Long answer, I must say. What is the shortest way or the easiest way to Success, in your opinion?

There is really no easiest way to success. That’s the truth. Even if you go to school, it would take you years before you are able to get a piece of paper where it would be shown that you have a degree on a certain subject. Sometimes, it can take years to accomplish something.

The fastest route to get to where you want to be is by having someone to guide you along the way. That person could be your mentor, your coach, or your teacher. It is your only way to your success.

If you have a mentor, your mentor can pin point to your exact weaknesses. He would tell you what you need to fix and what you need to improve on.

To answer your question: Get a Mentor!

But what if I don’t get a mentor, does it mean I will not succeed?

The real question you need to ask is: “What if you don’t have a GPS or a map in front of you?”

Let’s just say you want to go to New York from Boston. If you do have a GPS in front of you, it may take you 3 1/2 hours. What if you don’t have a GPS? How long will it take you? You could still be in Boston or even get lost for sure.

Even if you are willing to do it alone, you will still become successful. However, the only thing that you would have wasted is your time. Seriously, the average of human lifespan is 72.5 years old. Unless you are a super human who lives forever, then you don’t need a mentor.

Here is an example for this…

I used to love to do my work from my local book-store where I could sip a cup of coffee. There was one guy who told me that he was so fired up with building a business online. I told him he needed a mentor.

He said “No”. He would rather do it alone.

Six months later, he couldn’t even sync his domain name to his web hosting. I was kind enough to show him how to do it in 5 minutes. (Well, it took him five months to figure out!) When I advised him to get a mentor for a second time, he still didn’t listen to my advice.

One year later… I saw him reading a book to create a powerful website design. When I asked him if he had a website yet, he said “No”. Then, I helped him out one more time to put up his website. It only took me 10 minutes to put up his blog.

However, he was still very stubborn and told me that he didn’t need a mentor. Today, after three years later, he gave up. He told me that it was too hard and blamed on the fact that marketers are people who were trying to rip off others. If we can see this carefully, we knew that it wasn’t anybody’s fault, but his.

What he did not realize that he wasted three years of his time. Is that worth it? No.

What motivates you in life, Henry?

One sentence: Seeing my students become successful.

I don’t have a lot of ego in life for winning others or trying to be better than anyone. In fact, if I can show you my heart, I have an inner peace in my heart where I don’t really need anything much.

My guru said: “Focus on Giving without any Expectations.”

When he said this, he basically talked about most human beings have a desire to get something out of what they do. The earthly desire is a waste of time. Even though you think you really own it, you really don’t. Why?

What is the end of life? Death.

It also means that whether you like or not, whether you are rich, wealthy, poor, young, or old, at the end of life, it is only death. It also means that since we are going to be stuck in the human world for a while, why not do something useful for others?

When I see my students become successful, it makes my day. When I see my students quit their jobs and spend more time with their families, it changes my prospective on life.

This is what I love most about my life. There is no desire to win over others or trying to compete with the best. Instead, I will do my part to help my students, my friends, and people around me to better their lives.

Henry GWhatever you do, does it help You?

Even though it helps with my students’ transformation so far, I do believe there is a bigger improvement where I can reach a mass audience. Right at this point, I have only been able to transform roughly about 100-150 people per year. I do personally think that this rate is considered low, especially as there are so many people I could touch and transform with the knowledge that I have learned over the last 15 years.

However, as I move toward reaching out to the masses aggressively this year, I am sure that within this year I will be able to reach a larger audience where I will be able to transform more clients in a faster way.

So what do you do?

I teach newbies in the Internet marketing niche how to set-up their businesses online, attract visitors to their websites, and make money from the Internet. It is based on the principle of matching the right audience with the right product.

It also means that we show our clients what they need to do to find the right audience and match them with the right buyers. This will create a win-win scenario between our clients and their potential buyers. Well, I understand that it is a little complicated for your listeners exactly what I do. This is why I have decided to give you access to latest CD where you will know exactly how to just do that. Head to: .

I will give you a back-door access to just that.

Henry, I am also aware that you are practising a certain path of spirituality? Would you be kind enough to talk a little bit about it?

It is the path of “non-attachment”. When I say this, I am referring to letting go of any desire to own things such as money, wealth, as well as reputation and instead to prepare myself for the life after death. If I have to talk about this, it would be way too deep for people to understand, especially as we are in a society that always concentrates on a better life all the time.

Fortunately, I live in a neighbourhood where there are so many old people between the age of 75 and 93 years old. Many of them talked about life after death. They talk about why sometimes they are able to hear the voices of their ancestors and much more. This tells me that there are things that we do not understand. There are things beyond life itself.

It is because of this understanding and practice I have become more aware of what I do on a daily basis. Instead of spending my time trying to win other people or trying to show to others I am the best, I use my time wisely on making an impact on other people’s lives.

How does it assist you in your day-to-day living?

There are so many things happening in my business. I have to deal with my students, customers, subscribers, programmer, designer, and much more. Sometimes, the time that I spend with them can be very toxic.

When you deal with great clients, they will make you happy. However, when there is a conflict that occur where customers or partners are not satisfied or even trying to attract argumentation, I need to remain calm all the time.

This can only be done with an open heart and an open mind especially when you are dealing with 50 – 70 people a day. On top of that, it helps me to stay focus on what I needed to do on a daily basis. Of course, this can’t be done without the daily practice I have been consistently doing it for two years.

So you are preparing for the life after death… But what about life Now?

If you look at your life as if today is your last day on earth, what will you do differently? Will you waste every single minute on playing your favourites video games, getting depressed about your future, or using the time you have left to do something precious?

If tomorrow was the last day of your life, how would you want to live it?

Do you encounter many negative people?

If we refer negative as people who are focused more on earthly desire, then many of us are negative.

You know, thinking about looking at life as if it is your last day, I must say, I do it all opposite. I look at life as if it is my first day. It brings lots of joy, fun and wonder into my living… Have you tried viewing life in such kind of way, Henry?

Everybody has a different view of life. The real question one person has to ask themselves would be: “What if your first day is also your last day on earth?” What are you going to do differently?

The reason I look at my life as if today is my last day on earth is really because I don’t want to say the wrong thing just to hurt other people. You never know when the end will be.

Today, I am writing this interview question you sent me. The next day, I may be gone. However, I have no regrets, as I have done my best in every way to answer your questions. I know I have completed my to-do list today.

This mindset makes me more humble, appreciate each person that I encounter as I may never know that it may be the last time I see them, as well as enjoy each day with love and joy. In other words, your mindset and my mindset are pretty much very similar, but we use different way to describe it.

You know, the more I interview people on any kind of subjects, I can see how we all speak about the same thing using different words. It is like you say: “In other words, your mindset and my mindset are pretty much very similar, but we use different way to describe it.

That’s right. All we have to really think about would be… Keep doing our best on a daily basis with love, passion, and appreciate each thing, as well as each person that we encounter. This way, we will never have to undo anything or regret on things that we did not do or hope to do.

Do you have any regrets, Henry?

You see, when we look back into the past, we will always say the words, “I wish I could have done it differently”. When we dream about the future, we create a ‘desire’ for something that is not real to us yet. Either way, both regrets and expectations could create pain within our hearts.

I visit both the past and future briefly from time to time. However, I didn’t find any value towards being a happy individual. What I am trying to say is – I live my life one day at a time. I don’t like to count on how much money I am going to make next week or the places I would like to go next month. Instead, I expect myself to do my best every single day to complete every task on time.

In fact, if you have met me in person, you may consider me as a boring person. Why? I have the same routine. I will not talk about the future. I will seldom mention about my painful past. I do my meditation, exercise, serve my clients, complete my daily tasks, sleep 7 hours, and eat healthy.

Everyday this will seem like a boring life for many people. However, what I discovered is inner joy is much more important than anything that I own. I enjoy each day, appreciate life, do great things for me, for my family, and for my community.

Of course, if I do something wrong, which happens from time to time, I will make sure I apologize in front of that person. This is what love is. It is selfless. It is non-regrettable. It is what I’ve applied for many years to my own life.

Where and how do you see yourself in the next 10 years, Henry?

I am not sure how to answer this as I really don’t know what 10 years may bring in my case. It is because those territories are unknown to me. It is largely depending on the path that I take today and the time I have left to serve the people and the community I belong to.

However, if I am still alive and healthy 10 years from now, I do see myself putting 100% of my effort on helping other people to reach their full potential. This allows them work less, create more, and enjoy life with people that they love and care about. At the same time, I see myself being part of a non-profit organization where I help people to embrace their spiritual aspects of life.

Is there anything else you would like to add to this conversation?

Well, there is one more thing that I want to mention to the readers. I know a lot of people think that they are not capable of doing something big without the help from others. I am here to tell you that you are the Creator of your life.

·        Your mind is your chief.
·        Your body is your slave.
·        Your consciousness is the controller.

If you put your mind into it and ask your body to put everything you plan for into action, you will achieve the impossible. I know it may be hard in the beginning to control your mind and avoid all the temptation along the way. However, when you take massive imperfect action on asking your body to listen to your mind, you will achieve the impossible in life. How do I know that?

You see, there is a lot of temptation in this world. It could come from opposite sex, wealth, power, media, and etc. However, all those things that you see are illusion. It doesn’t even exist in this world. If you can ask your consciousness to avoid all those temptation and use your mind to make the final decision in what you want to accomplish in life, you are going to achieve the impossible.

Many people told me that they just want to be comfortable. However, as you go on with your life especially in your late 40, you will discover that there are only two choices you have left: (A) Pain of discipline; (B) Pain of regrets.

It also means that there is no a middle ground. This is the truth in life. The question you need to ask yourself will be  What are you going to do with the time you have left?

My advice to you is this… Choose one task that you need to accomplish today. Get it done regardless how bad you feel at that time. I guarantee that by the end of 1 year, you will have accomplished 365 tasks without having to regret or say things like I wish I have done this.

At the same time, leave the results to God, Buddha, or the Universe. Why? The result is the element you cannot control. So, why bother to control it? Just do one task everyday and make it successful. This is how you achieve the enlightenment that you seek in life.

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