I simply LOVE YOU

red roseDo you need any specific reason to love someone? Do you need a permission to love? Do you need to wait for a certain time and place before you can love? Can you love one day and not love the other? These are questions I hear others more and more often asking me…
I have noticed that people often tend to question the other person’s feelings and intentions. If you tell them I Love You, at times they tend not to believe you and it is not because you do not love them but because inside of themselves they feel they are not worthy of your love or simply because they themselves do not feel ready to open to the power of love… I have also noticed that love as a matter is not easily accepted in peoples’ circles. Instead they choose to give different names to it – friendship, kindness, partnership, thoughtfulness, compassion, sympathy, liking… However, the truth is that all of this springs from Love.
When I tell someone (anyone and everyone I feel love for) I Love You, I mean exactly that. Do I need reasons to love? Since then? Sometimes some of them tell me: “But why? I have done nothing special for you. I have been so little in your life, why do I deserve this love of yours?” And I answer: “Talk to my Heart, she might be able to answer to your question, but do not ask me. I simply do.”
The Love that often springs with full power through me cannot be described in words, but only felt. I express it in the form of joy, laughter, hugging, support and help, my own presence in that person’s life… It becomes clearly visible in me and around me. Love is so powerful and so beautiful. It has so many forms and so many limitless ways to be brought out and shown in the broad daylight. It does not necessary need to be translated into a sexual form, and yet this is one of the magnificent forms of Love that can be welcomed and expressed lovingly at any given moment. Every form of Love as long as it is supported with free will and free choosing is profound and meaningful.
I Am Love. You Are Love. We Are Love. Show it. Express it. Do not wait until the right moment comes. Be that moment now and here. Forget about what others might think of you or might not. Awake to the Love inside of you. You are so beautiful, and I simply Love You.
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