bookI am not for everyone and neither you.

Uniting with one’s heart in knowing that all will be just fine is a gift one could give to oneself and oneself only. It is a challenge! At times it can be a true challenge when the world seems to pressure you to be someone you are not. The world seems to always know what is the best for you – yes, you, I am referring to; you, the one, reading these words. But I wonder how much does the world truly know what might be the best for itself? It is easy to look from outside and point out one’s mistakes, mishaps, lows and highs. Wow! It can be so easy to judge, but just come, stand in my shoes and see for yourself the journey I am taking. Please, come and stand with me. You see, these beautiful sandals somewhat seems heavier than thought previously. Surprised?!

We heard many times said to us “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, even if it seems to you you know the book you are holding in your hands quite well. It is a book. It has a cover, it has a front page, it has an introduction, it has a story, it has the end… Do you really think you know the author who wrote that book or who is still in the process of writing it? I am more than just the cover you see. I am more than just the front page you flipped through. I am much more than just an introduction or illustrations you quickly looked at. I am the book with its own personal journey. Every time you take me into your hands, I begin my journey, and through your eyes I see my reflection – sometimes it comforts me, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it calms me down, sometimes it excites…. Please, no need to judge, because, you see, I see you in my reflection too. I look deep into your eyes and see much more than you dare to show to the world. I see your hopes, your joys, your disappointments, I see your memories, the spark in those eyes and each time I fall in love with it all. My life’s journey became reacher just because you picked me up to read…

I am still learning about me, about the author writing my life’s story. I know so little about you and I am daring in my childish clumsiness to open myself to you. Please, be gentle, because the more I open myself to you, the more it will hurt if you choose to drop me. No need to be harsh. Just put me down gently. I can handle gentleness. I am open to embrace it. I know I am not for everyone, perhaps I am just for a handful few and I am ok with it. You are not for everyone, perhaps just for a handful few, and so we met… This is our personal relationship. I promise to treasure every second of it in my own perfectly imperfect way. I will not drop you, I will put you down gently, close your cover and walk away, as I believe we came into each other’s life with love and so we can leave the same way. From the moment you picked me up, you opened the door into my heart. Now you reside there. Yes, you have become a permanent resident. Now I will treasure you forever.

I might not be for everyone, but that’s what actually makes me unique and that’s why you got intrigued. The world resides inside of me. Welcome to discover it! Through your eyes I learn more about me and you learn more about yourself. We are each others helpers. This is unique. This is a love relationship, where two different lives collide and unite in one heart and mind. Thank you for picking me up!

Copyright © Jolita Kelias 2015
All Rights Reserved

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