CALLISTA JANZING – Teacher of Healing Singing and Spiritual Guide of the Path of the Heart

Callista JWhile visiting a small town near Bonn in Germany, I had a wonderful opportunity to meet someone very special. Her name is Callista Janzing. During one of the special gatherings that I was attending at that time I was sitting by her side. Eventually we got talking and that’s when I learned about what she did. I learned about a Healing Singing – something that I have never heard before. Callista believes that everyone who has a voice can sing. Singing can heal one from within and outside and open one to the new ways of perceiving life and living it, in other words, finding and following the path of your heart.

What is Healing Singing?

Healing Singing is a special method, developed by me, to use the voice for the process of *cognition thyself * or for the personal way of (spiritual) development. It allows to come in touch with the own light of the heart, the domicile of the own love and truth, because the voice bares and discloses the true nature of oneself, including everything that constitutes us. The voice is the sound and tone of our personality. It is the most beautiful and entirely existing instrument – and an instrument of self-perception.

Why is that?

The voice bears the own nature in every detail it is composed of and that is entitative and essential. It reveals the inside – the feelings, thoughts, emotions, mind, structure and the own inner being – directly and spontaneously. Via voice the inside is brought to the outside and it becomes perceivable and tangible there. So it is becoming a kind of mirror where oneself can realize oneself, can remember forgotten aspects and integrate them. To the same degree of self-awareness the voice can conduce to accept oneself, to develop ones potential and to clarify possible catenations, connections and adhesions.
Healing Singing renders possible accepting oneself just the way one is now. This allows to recognise self-sabotaging mechanisms, to let them go and to be – free of fear – that one and unique person, who one wants to be by heart.
The specific practices of Healing Singing will awake and flower out the own capability of vibrancy and perception. The experiences and perceptions of Healing Singing make possible to harmonize and to be consistent with ourselves, with the own light, that is anchored in the divine light.
Thereby, it is possible to embrace every experience in life, whether success or failure, lovingly. Thus we can live our everyday life in gladness, humour and buoyant serenity. The voice of our heart grows audible again.

Can anyone sing even if in their deepest knowing they believe or know that they do not have this ability? How do you work around this?

The one who can speak – can also sing. Belief or knowing that one do not have the ability to sing are hints of bounded potential. Everyone has got an expressive voice that allows him to express himself in a very sophisticated and distinguished way. If this capability is bounded through dogmas and believes (for example, „I can´t sing“, „I do not have a melodious voice“…), it can lead to an inharmonious use of one’s voice. So these boundaries often get recognised as a disagreeable phenomenon of the voice. They can be handled by the help of Healing Singing. According to experience, there is a potential hiding behind dogmas or/and a disagreeable phenomenon of the voice that can be transformed, re-integrated and being activated trough the specific practices of Healing Singing. In its transformed shape the former boundary appears expanding the sound.
So to contact the own inner being the own soul will be feasible because clinging renders makes it possible to bring each one of your levels of being out, each one of your bodies, even the ethereal ones, into vibration. This vibration, this sound can be used for *cognition thyself* and to become consistent with the own, true and pristine light.
This kind of voice-experience can turn into the most exciting and fulfilling journey I know: the voyage to oneself.

How do you make a shy or with the low self-esteem person to open up to you?

Every attitude, structure, thoughts, emotions are meaningful and can be used for self development, for tuning into the own mighty power. By welcoming and using everything the person brings: low self-esteem, shyness, fears, a certain reserve doesn´t matter what, we re-integrate these phenomenon into the voice, using them as a threat back to its source, so we can turn the light and powerful side of each phenomenon on. In that very moment they are integrated into existence and can be used to realise a fulfilled life.

Why Healing Singing? What brought you to doing this kind of work, Callista?

In short: the love to sound, music and mankind. All my life I have been fascinated by the voice and its multiple outlets. I realised the sound of authenticity – or non-authenticity in the voice very early. And I felt deeply attached to and moved by the opportunities I discerned in the voice of every human being. So I began to discover and comprehend the miracles, secrets, mysteries and wonders of the voice, of sound, of tone and their causal relationship to person-hood. That lead me to the best and most famous orchestras and choirs of the world, which to lead was very delightful and an honour to me. However, I wanted more than a career as one of the world´s famous conductors. I wanted much more than brilliant technique. I longed for more sound, more tone, more authenticity, and more individual and personal development. And I realised that I had to produce something which allowed to use the sound of the voice or the sound of the instrument to set oneself free from inner limits and restrictions and to release one’s own, original power. This is how, with lots of support and help from above, I created Healing Singing.

In your last answer you said, “However, I wanted more than a career as one of the world´s famous conductors…” You do conducting as well? Could you share more about this please?

Well, of course, it´s a pleasure to me to write about my academic bio in a nutshell. I studied at a music academy and got my diploma in conducting orchestras and choirs and in singing (opera and concert) in 1988. In 1989 I successfully completed an international master class with master’s degree (conducting, singing and acting). Afterwards I got the chance to learn from one of the world´s best Maestros: Sergiu Celibidache. I felt gifted! That took me to work with some of the best orchestras and choirs in the world, in the most beautiful operas and concert halls. Well, let´s say, to a very high level of making music.
All of this, my studies and working with these wonderful orchestras and choirs led me there where I am now – on the one hand, to develop and work with Healing Singing; on the other hand, to develop concepts for companies and entrepreneurs because they can learn a lot from orchestras and, of course, from conductors and their way to lead and run an orchestra. Entrepreneurs, for example, can extend and improve their leadership qualities by getting to know some rules of conducting. However, this is a different subject…
So, you see, Healing Singing is based on a lot of experience and thorough specialised knowledge of music, singing, voice and leadership, enriched and enlarged by the energetic awareness and wisdom of life, values, personal development, sound and voice.

I am aware that many musicians, singers also write their own music and/or words for music. Do you do anything like that?

Writing own music, yes. Setting inspiring words to music is very fulfilling to me. It is a kind of a language for me to express what I perceive within and behind the words, a language that goes directly to the hearts and souls of the receptionists, far beyond thinking, mind and intellect, deep into the layers of being.

What message of inspiration/wisdom could you give to someone looking for the deep spiritual answers in their life?

Listen to you heart. And if you have lost the ability of harking to your heart momentarily or want to improve your skills in listening to your heart, your voice of wisdom, healing and light, do not hesitate to ask Spiritual Guides and Teachers like me for guidance along your spiritual path of light into the awareness of your own wisdom, the voice of your heart, which is inside of you, to guide you in finding your answers.

How should one listen to their heart?

For every person the way to re-activate the ability of listening to the heart is individual. All these individual ways have something in common – a personal development, including a kind of training in awareness and using the senses in a sensual way. Often the voice of the heart has got to be set free again, because it is buried under and hidden behind dos and don´ts. Dos and don´ts often are the results of socialisation and conditioning. So to become aware of these conditioning and inner assessments is one step. To develop a new handling with them, to change the inner assessment-centre into values that offers inner orientation, like having a reliable compass in any situation, is another step, where you develop the ability to hear the voice of the own heart again. Healing Singing can be a helpful part of this journey. Furthermore, all these ways have in common the knowledge and internalisation of cosmic laws and leading a life in compliance with them – whatever that means for the individual. To find out how to lead a life harmonically with the cosmic laws can be a wonderful journey.

How should one know that it is their heart speaking to them?

Well, you will know it! It will be a crystal clear to you. It will appear as an inner knowledge, deep and unshakable, free from doubts.

I am aware that you do much more than just healing singing or conducting… Callista, do you ever get tired of doing what you are doing?

No, instead of getting tired, I am getting more and more awake. What I do, what I am allowed to do, I find very fulfilling: to guide people on their way to self perception and development; to experience how to use their potential more and more constructively, how to begin loving their lives and finding the meaning of life again. And every client and their way of progress vary a lot and are extremely individual, so every day, every consulting brings something new. I feel blessed to lead a life full of wonderful and touching moments. The fact that I am allowed to experience it every day is a wonder itself. I have got the opportunity to live my calling.

What does motivate you in life?

To live my life to the fullest is the gift in itself. For me that means to live my life, which also includes to live my calling and to celebrate life in everything I do. Well, in other words, to hear, see, feel, smell, taste and honour the wonder and power of Creation and to perceive the love in Creation.

What one has to give up in order to live life of their dreams, of their most personal vision of themselves?

Well, I am guiding lots of people in putting their visions into practice. And the question is why should one give up something? Why should that be? Let me take on some of the possible reasons that come out during consultations very often.
Because of realizing that he or she was following a dream that now appears to be an illusion: It is right, realizing that is not nice, but we are here to dissolve illusions. So to discover illusions is very helpful. Behind illusion we always find our deepest potential.
Because of fear? It can be handled with: there are lots of wonderful holistic consultants, Spiritual Guides and Spiritual Teachers like me to support others in dissolving fears. By the way, fears are kind of normal, especially in times of change. Nelson Mandela said: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” To handle this fear, to accept the own power is one of the most touching things to deal with and a wonderful way to develop oneself.
Because of other requests of life? It can be handled with: try to see everything you do as a step towards fulfilling your dream. This way you will find what fits you and what does not. And what could be more important and bigger than living your life as the one you are by heart?!
Because of inner or outer resistance: Outer resistance shows inner resistance and can be used to prove what you truly want. No outer resistance can get you away from leading your own life, if you don’t want to. And inner resistance can be used constructively to get aware of One’s Self, to get to know different possibilities of being and acting. It is part of being human. You know, success is what follows, and what follows your every step that you take is believing that you are what you want to be, believing in yourself and taking all the necessary steps and changes in your life to put that into practice. Never give up. Go slowly but steadily. If you think it is too hard to do it alone, get help. We are getting a teacher for every talent, for every skill, for every gift we want or choose to develop. No one has to do it all by themselves, all alone.

Is that how you walk on your path?

In my own responsibility? Yes.
Using everything as a challenge and as a hint that shows lots of information if one can read it? Yes.
Facing life in a constructive way because Creation is constructive only? Yes.
Celebrating life in every moment? Yes.
Embracing life – and my life? Yes.
Being well guided? Yes. And I feel blessed to have a spiritual teacher, who is able to guide me, to inspire me and to support me in going my own way and in showing myself as the being I really am. Moreover, I feel blessed to be able to share this wonderful gift I have received from Creation with the ones who want to be guided on their path of the heart.

I like this saying – Celebrate Your Life. What a powerful statement. How do you celebrate your life, Callista?

I celebrate my life by being grateful for every new, wonderful day and every morning, by being grateful for every wonderful night and every evening, by accepting every thing, every experience, every situation that come my way as a self-chosen gift to remind me about myself. To understand myself as the powerful and mighty being I am and live my life according to this. I choose to look for a solution to every problem that I encounter, to see the love, wonders and wisdom of Creation in every being, in every thing, to see the meaning of life, to feel being worthy only because I am.

~Jolita Kelias


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