Come into my Heart and split it open.
I shall be Your tool, Your servant, Your child.
I shall do as You say and serve the Highest good of all,
But…accept the fact
That every time I will need Your help and support,
That I will lean on You more and more,
That I will need You to be stronger for both of us,
That I will need Your hug, Your gentle Love
Whenever I fall and hurt.
No matter how much I love You,
There will be days when I will need Your forgiveness
More than I could imagine
For I might won’t be able to forgive myself.
Accept the fact that no matter my love for You,
Sometimes I will doubt You and myself
With my thoughts, words and actions.
Accept the fact that whenever I fall and hurt myself,
I will need You to raise me up and heal my wounds.
Accept the fact that sometimes tears will roll down my cheeks
And I will need You to dry them up.
Accept the fact that I am perfect in all my imperfections,
Who learns to trust You over and over again.
Accept the fact that Your loving reminders are the Must
And Your guidance is much required.
I will do all You ask,
But only if You are by my side.
Without You I, Your Child, cannot make a single step.
My heart is open for You…

Accept the fact that I Love You.

~Jolita Kelias

Copyright © Jolita Kelias 2013
All Rights Reserved

03 comments on “GOD, I INVITE YOU…

  • Ona , Direct link to comment

    It is so beautiful, soul touching. It feels As if you said loud the thoughts that were lingering in my head for a long Time. Thanks alot Jolita and God bless you.

  • Sally Goetzke , Direct link to comment

    Thank you Jolita you have expressed many of my deep feelings for my Lord and Saviour. It blesses me to know we are sisters in the Lord . You will often be in my prayers. ♡Sally

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