The Gift of Gratitude

It can be challenging at times to feel grateful when life seems to crumble down all around you. The thought has entered my mind about the things that truly matter in life: perhaps importance is not all about constantly saying thank you especially when we harshly hold doubts about ourselves, but the acceptance of what we so far have brought and manifested in our lives. Perhaps knowing that we are ok and life is on our side assist us in gently moving forward.

We were gifted with so much the day we were born and we tend to take our health, our bodies, our mind, our senses and many other things for granted or, in other words, as an entitlement until the moment we meet someone who has even less than we do. Those kinds of encounters offer a different perspective. Some of us get sad and some of us get angry and some of us hide from the truths looking straight into our eyes. That’s life. That’s a perfectly imperfect life of a human. Genuine gratefulness brings me calmness. I think it is essential to recognise how rich we are by being grateful for the things we have been born with that are actually free and at times overlooked. That little voice inside of us acknowledging the daily manifestations of our efforts that express itself through our thinking, feeling and doing.

I feel privileged to include a short story written by me titled When Things Change which might help to illustrate this idea quite well for you. But just before we pursue reading it, let’s reflect on our day… Let’s reflect on our day and manifestations we have brought and are about to bring into our lives with a deep knowing of our infinite possibilities and inner treasures that we carry within ourselves with love and acceptance. We are in control. We are very much in control. Perhaps not always we can control the outcomes of our choices, but even then, we can control how we react and respond to it all and what choices we make next. By treating every step, every choice, every breath we make as our first we choose to take responsibility for our lives in every moment. In that deep knowing we also are the ones to know we are able to make a difference. Value what you have got, what you have created so far, what you have become. Constantly running after that next new thing will exhaust you, will betray you, will waste your life and might even lose wonderful people in your life. Just stop and think… Gratitude is an expression of that profound soulful knowing.

With Love,

Jolita Kelias

*** *** ***


“Sometimes I stand still and wonder why the things in life change,” an awakening soul wondered.

“Because some part of you changes,” the inner voice answered.

“No no no… I am not talking about myself. I am talking about various unexpected situations in life when things change, when certain unpredictable turns happen, when suddenly you get hit hard with the bat straight to the center of your head. This kind of change,” the awakening soul tried to explain its point of view.

“Things change in life because you change,” the inner voice repeated its previous words.

The awakening soul seemed to be puzzled. It wondered whether it was not explaining itself well enough or the inner voice was talking about a totally different matter.

“You see,” the awakening soul began once more, “I strongly believe that there are higher energies that direct one’s life and no matter what one does, says or thinks, if things were meant to happen, they happen…”

“If that’s what you believe in,” the inner voice interrupted.

“What do you mean by saying that?”

“Whatever you believe, it shall manifest itself,” the inner voice answered.

“Just like that?” the awakening soul expressed its shock.

“Yeap. Just like that.”


“So be it!” the inner voice answered.

The awakening soul started getting irritated.

“Can you stop talking to me like this and just come straight to the point?”

“I was doing that before you even asked.”

“OK, let’s go back to the beginning of this conversation,” the awakening soul suggested peacefully. “I was just saying that at times it feels that I have no control over my life, that no matter what I do, it seems nothing goes right and things tend to turn against me, and often it seems that when situation changes, the rest of the world changes as well.”

The inner voice smiled and remained silent.

“So what I wanted to say was,” the awakening soul continued, “throughout my life I learned that at times I might be hit hard with the bat straight to the center of my head and I must accept it and just move on.”

“If that’s what you say,” the inner voice replied.

“Hm… What are you trying to suggest here? Does it mean that things could be different?”


“How come?”

“All depends on your decision, your choice.”

“Just like that?” the awakening soul seemed even more confused.

“Yes, just like that.”

After a few seconds the inner voice continued:

“Look, things are much simpler than you currently think, but even that can be changed at any given moment based on your choice and with that the rest changes automatically.”

The awakening soul listened intently. This time it had no intention to interrupt.

“First, you have to really understand that you have a full control over your life – to be more precise, you have control over your first step, first thought, first intention, first move. Once the wheel gets moving, it automatically employs millions of universal forces to assist you in your pursuit. Now to stop it or change its direction, it is a different matter, but again once more you have a full control over your first step, first thought, first intention, first move, and then the wheel start rolling again. And there is never a second step… Every step you ever make is the first step. However, on both sides you must accept that with-it certain outcomes will come which you probably were not able to foresee, but even then, whatever there will show up, you called it forth. So, your job is to accept whatever there is before you even start the journey, before you even ask. Many living souls ask for things without even thinking and appreciating what forces and energies they employ in their lives, and then later they get surprised with certain outcomes, and if they don’t like them, they immediately go looking for others to blame. The favourite one they and you most love blaming is Life, of course.

Second, situation or certain circumstance in life cannot change without your consent, without your command, without your choice whether you do it knowingly or unknowingly. Situation or certain circumstances arise because something in you changes. You change, and so Life dances according to your music.”

“Just like that?” the awakening soul inquired in absolute disbelief once more.

“Just like that,” the inner voice replied. “That’s why one of Chinese proverbs says ‘Be careful what you ask for in case if it manifests’, and many of you including you ask without thinking ahead.”

“In what ways do I ask?”

“The strongest and the most powerful way of manifesting things into physical being is through your feelings. This is one way of asking. The other way is to think about something and then blend feeling with that. One way or the other the feeling is the main driving force.”

“So, as I understand, no matter what happens in my life, I call it upon myself?” the awakening soul tried to clarify the matter.

“Yes.” The inner voice confirmed.

“But what about those things that I see all around me saying: impossible, no way for it to happen, there is no way out of it, forget it, and so on? What about that?”

“Ignorance could be a very good assistant here for you. Employ its abilities and keep moving forward. Trust your feeling. That should be more than enough. If your heart is peaceful, then don’t second guess. Anyway, heart never guesses, but mind does. Be gentle with that inner child of yours when changing your ways of living and being. It has gotten used to living, thinking, feeling and being in a certain way. Be understanding and patient, but yet push forward…gently gently. Be patient. Trust your feeling. The way will be made if you just trust your feeling.”

“I have one more question for you,” the awakening soul asked for a bit of more attention.


“So therefore, how much control over my Life do I have after all?”

“For as long as you walk making your first step consciously, you hold Life in your hands.”


Copyright©Jolita Kelias 2020
All rights reserved

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