A flower’s wish

a flowerOnce there was a flower that lived safely within the roots of the mother earth. It was mothered, protected, fed and loved to the extent unimaginable to any living being. The earth knew how to look after its offspring. It never tried to hold it from the outside world but also never pushed it into it before its time. The earth was patient and understanding, it held all the wisdom of the challenges of the outer world. It knew how hard at times one can be hit when engulfed in the net of worldly living. So it mothered its flower, kissed its cheeks, played with it and made sure its nest was soft and comfy. The little one bathed in the love of mother earth and worried about nothing. But one day it heard other flowers – their roots – telling stories about the life in the sun. At times they were happy stories and at times full of pain and sorrow, hardship and loneliness, love and abandonment, greatness and fall, success and failures. However, no matter what, those flowers did not seem to want to go back to the roots of their mother and chose to die in the harsh winds of life for the sake of experiencing the worldly treasures, for the sake of knowing what love apart from their mother was all about. They felt, they rejoiced, they hurt, they loved, they got old, they got ill, they died and yet never seemed to regret their choices. Because, you see, the mother earth warned them that once they become familiar with the other side of life they will never be able to go back to what they were before. The little seeds that later blossomed into gorgeous flowers did not seem to understand what the mother earth meant by her words, and so their stretched their leaves and heads towards the sun. Mother Earth did not mind, it never stopped its offspring from growing.
“I want to flower today. I want to know what living in the sun was all about. I want to experience my unique beauty,” a flower spoke to the mother earth.
“Don’t you feel good within my embrace, my little flower?” the earth asked.
“I feel loved and nurtured. I feel safe, mother, but I keep wondering to myself what kind of life is out there. I feel ready to stick my head out and look around.”
Mother earth smiled.
“My child, once you stick your head out, you will never be able to go back to what you are now.”
“You mean I will not be able to rest in your loving abode?” the flower enquired.
“Not in a way you do it at the present.”
Suddenly a huge wave of sadness hit the little flower. It did not want to lose its touch with the one that cared for it so much.
“However, you will always be my offspring,” the mother earth softly spoke, “you will always be connected to me, and when the time comes you will come back to me and transform into what you are now – a little seed which some day will desire to blossom again. The cycle never ends”.
“I heard other flowers speaking. They told incredible stories about the life in the sun – some were happy, and some not that happy, but in the end they all said it was worth it.”
The earth listened to its offspring’s pondering while sending waves of love and support.
“Mother, what if I get to experience one of those stories with the sad ending?”
“What if I get scared and call for you to come to my rescue? Will you be there for me?” a little flower enquired in slight desperation.
“But what if you have the most amazing existence one could dream for? What if the love of the sun will fill you with so much goodness and warmth that even worldly pain and sorrow will not be able to top it up? What if your appreciation for life will be so great that no matter where or how you will end your last days, you will end it all with the smile on your beautiful face in knowing that it was worth of your every breath?”
“How will I connect to you when I need you?”
“The moment you forget me, you will feel alone and lost, but for as long as you remember I am your mother in whose roots your roots are resting, you will always find comfort and peace. I will not go away. I cannot go away. I cannot leave you. How can I, if you are my offspring – my soul, my blood, my flesh?”
The little flower lifted its head and smile reappeared on its beautiful young face longing for experience. “I want to flower today!” it exclaimed.
Mother earth gracefully surrendered to a flower’s wish and nodded in agreement.
“But before I emerge from your roots into the outer world, what advice would you give me, mother?”
This was the first time that her offspring ever asked for her advice. This made her heart rest in peace in knowing that this offspring of hers will find its way around in the sun no matter what.
“There are three things you shall always carry in your heart and act upon whenever needed. First, be kind. Kindness is one of those tools that will carry you forward and bring you the most wonderful flowers into your existence. Second, give without expecting anything in return, even if you give all you have and it seems that no one is giving you anything in return, even if you feel being under appreciated. Trust me, my child, the moment will come when you will get ten times in return at the moment most needed to you. Third, love. Love is something that every being within my roots thirst for. It will be your water, your air, your healer, your pain, your joy, your tears, your everything. Love and open that little heart of yours to the waves of love. Experience it fully. That’s when you will know its true worth.”
“I love you.”
“I love you, my little flower. You are a magnificent flower in a huge miraculous garden full of beautiful flowers where none of the fellow flowers are alike you. You are special. Thank you for being that flower. Now go into the world of the unknown and share what you have learned and experienced within the embrace of my motherly love.”
But before it went on its way, a flower had one more question to ask, one more thought to ponder on. It thought for a moment, then lifted its head, looked into the heart of its mother and whispered: “How does love in the sun feel, mother?”
The earth smiled and then slowly opened its roots making a gap leading into the sun just above the head of the flower and gently pushed the little seed out: “Go and find out for yourself, my little brave one.”

 Copyright © Jolita Kelias 2014
All Rights Reserved

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