Embracing the World of People Family

EMBRACING THE WORLD OF PEOPLE is a Family made of people like you and me. We all dance together on the floor of dance known as life whether we hear the music or not.
You may ask, what is it all about? what does it stand for?
The human figures in EWP logo are the representation of you and me. In this world we get ahead with the help and support of others. And so this project, this idea, this slow but sure movement is inviting to embrace our differences regardless of our race, culture, skin colour, language, beliefs, behaviours, status. This family is inviting you and me to work as one body through the acceptance and love of our own hearts. We are One big Family!

Sometimes I wonder where all the love has gone when I see how our family of some people of our world get driven by cruelty, greed, desire to revenge, anger and pain. We all ache when we see innocent souls die in the events inflicted by people of our world: planes are being shot down, planes disappear in the modern world technology, ships sink near the shores, people kill their neighbours with words, anger and guns, children are taught how to fight and so they become introduced to violence and hearted from an early age, women are subjected to incredible restrictions by the weak men who also rape them for the sake of feeling some power which also shows how weak those men are and how fearful they are of feminine beauty and strength, millions and millions of our family members starve to death due to lack of food and die from the lack of clean water, racism and discrimination still exist if not more among our brothers and sisters, people are being brainwashed by insecure celebrities and that soon becomes our culture, sports and tabloid news seem to be more important than the dying of innocent souls around the globe, groups of people create gangs in their own communities so as to gain some power and government make certain drugs legal so as to see you stoned which becomes automatically easier for them to control you. The world seems to go crazy…

United Kingdom 4 (2)

And yet, the shift is happening because there is a new generation of minds fast and vastly emerging into the world of people, who see the difference between right and wrong and are brave enough to act upon it. No one will silent them because there is no space left for quietness and ignorance any more. One by one we come out of our shells and speak up. We still get shot down or expected to stay silent but silence is not an option any more. If you look around, truly look, what would you see except of what you usually tend to see? You would see love.

Lithuania 11You would see laughter.

Canada 4

You would see care.

Romania 1 (2)

You would see a loving embrace.

United Kingdom 2

You would see harmony in a chaos.

Sister Sue

You would see stillness.

Spain (2)

You would see smiles.

Boston, UK (2)

 You would see acceptance in differences.

Windsor, UK (2)

You would see children jumping and laughing in joy.

Lithuania 3 (2)

You would see a joyful carelessness.

Canada 7 (2)

You would see peace.

Romania 3 (2)

You would see unity.

Kent, UK

And you would see hearts and minds living all that in conscious choosing.

London, UK 5 (2)

You would see me and you.

Lithuania 6 (3)

You would see a one big loving Family.

Embracing the World of People Family is inviting you to join their forces for the peaceful movement inspired by Love to overtake the world of people driven by fear and anger through the loving Embrace of our Minds and Hearts.

Canada 3 (2)

Please share your loving embraces with us adding your thoughts and videos and writings and music on kindness, love, unity and peace, of joy and appreciation. Join us.

With Love,

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Web: www.jolitakelias.com
Inspired by Jolita Kelias
Writer/ Author/ Independent Journalist



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