On the Mission to Embrace the World of People

I have thought about this idea Embracing the World of People for quite some time. I thought about different ways I could make this small-big idea work, to be spread around and to be a work of inspiration. For as long as I can inspire at least one person, I consider my work to be done well. So I thought, I thought and I thought and eventually I came to the answer – I needed to begin from myself first. So I began Embracing the World of People beginning with my biggest influence in my Life – my Mother.

Embracing my Mother…

After that I began embracing huge numbers of people and not everyone could be photographed, as those moments of Embrace were so precious, so momentous and so brief, however most unforgettable. So whatever shot I could make and whoever agreed to be a part of my small-big project, you shall see them all here and now.

Specials Ones from United Kingdom

I get to travel around the world Hugging, lovingly Embracing people of all kinds.

Precious moments

I believe we are all One and there cannot be and are not any territories able to keep us from loving, caring and embracing each other.

We All are capable to Love and we all deserve to be Loved

We are brothers and sisters.

The joy of Hug

We are One Big Family!!

Absolute surrender

I do not know any living and breathing being that could resist or would want to resist Love.

Hug embraces all and everything

Hug speaks about Love. And Love speaks in its silent presence about Acceptance, Tolerance, Understanding, Healing, Safety, Joy, Happiness, Togetherness, Tenderness, Vulnerability, Gratitude, Passion for Life.

Embracing the World of People

I must tell you, I have a wonderful, an extremely talented Friend from Germany, and to many people he is known as Sharon Lars Steffens. He is a self-taught pianist and composer.

Marks of Tenderness and Love that are left in my heart for Life

He is more than that. He is a dear dear Friend of mine without whom this project would have been left undone to this day. He, even being himself very busy, patiently worked on putting all the pictures together and tolerating my at times straight-forward criticism. What an amazing character he is!!! Thank you, Sharon.

The World of People

I have been working on this project through the year of 2011 and 2012. Some people I got an opportunity to embrace were embraced for the first and probably for the last time by me, but the marks of love that they left in my heart will stay with me for Life.

Hug full of Healing

I consider this small-big idea of mine just as a Beginning.

I am there for you…

With it, all I want to say is… There is no need for me to know you or to be your blood-related relative or a good friend or a colleague. All it is needed is an open heart and intention of Love that speaks louder than words.

Darling Friends

Sometimes all we may need is just a quiet presence and loving embrace without any words, without questions, without advice, without teaching or preaching. Just  hug of Love in our moment of weakness or greatest joy.

Vulnerability in its most beauty

The heart that is open to give a hug and be hugged, becomes open to the amazing lengths of unmeasurable power of love and healing.

My time with my beloved twin-sister – Diana. We tend to laugh a loooot!!

I believe we are a human chain making each others dreams come true. We are each others Angels.

Friends from other parts of the World

There is probably a question arising inside of you asking, ‘But how can I hug a stranger? What he or she may think of me?’ Let me ask you something… Are you sure we are strangers? How can I be a stranger to you, if right now you are reading these words of mine and in my heart I am already embracing you here and now?

I need your loving embrace as much as you need mine

In order to embrace the world of people there is no need to force anything, no need to look for ways or meditate on it. The moment itself will present you an opportunity and then it will be up to you what you do with it.

We will embrace each other once more…

The first embrace begins in your Heart, and only then manifest itself into the physical reality.

New Friends of mine

I need your loving Embrace as much as you need mine. Yes, perhaps right now you might say ‘I do not need that from you or I have no desire in embracing you’, but there will be a day of your greatest sorrow or your greatest joy when you will need and want someone to quietly embrace you, and there your desire might be fulfilled if you just become open to it.

A Beautiful Unity of Women

I get to travel around the world Hugging, lovingly Embracing people of all kinds, but you do not have to do the same. I am your mother and father, I am your friend, I am your neighbour, your colleague, I am that homeless man or woman sitting on the cold pavement begging for money or food that you pass by so often, I am your child, your sister and brother, I am a patient at the doctor’s office, I am that dreamer looking at the starry sky, I am that stranger with sad or happy eyes, I am me… and I need you, I need your loving Embrace. And I am prepared to give it all in  return.

I am on the mission to Embrace the World of People.


Jolita Kelias

Copyright © Jolita Kelias 2012

All Rights Reserved


  • Ed Baskin , Direct link to comment

    If I would have never seen your picture but only read your writings, there is no doubt you are a beautiful person. A person who is blessed beyond what we deserve! A person who is filled with the Holy Spirit and wise beyond your years! You are correct in thinking that after reading your very insightful words I will not leave this webpage without being your friend! My internal mission for the past 30+ years has been more ecumenical…we all have “religions” and beliefs, but we should not allow those to build walls or barriers from being the “church!” We are all one body, one spirit, one flesh! Thank you for your mission and the fulfilling of His will!

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