play”Often at times unexpected to me this child wakes up in me and showers me with endless joy, love, inspiration, laughter, creative wonders… I allow it to be, even if at times I look not grown up enough, but, goodness me, how happy I can be then…” ~Jolita Kelias

*** *** ***

 Come and play with me. Why don’t you play? Why do you hesitate?

Touch the grass, the dirt, the sand… It is waiting for your feet to land on it, to run and play.

Come and play with me… Laugh as much as your heart wants, scream if you wish, jump around, turn, run…

Oh, I see, you are worried about what other people might think about your madness… You are afraid to be misunderstood…

Ok, let me tell you something… Others will look at you and most of them deep in their hearts will wish they could be as free and mad as you are. We all have a child within ourselves, and only a few of us let it out to play. Often we know what we want from life, but often we are not brave enough to go after it. Why, you might ask? Really, why is that?

Come and play with me! What a beautiful sunshine! Drink in its warmth and light.

I see you have forgotten how to play…

Come and play with me and you shall remember it all.

The sea… Do you see the sea? Do you see the waves calling you forth?

Drop your clothes and jump into its coolness and feel its love and power.

Come and play with me… I am a child you have forgotten you had.

I am a child hidden deep inside of you. Let me out, let me play, let me express myself and show you how wonderful life can be.

Please let me out.

Ok, – she said. – Come out and play with me.

And the child stretched her hands, stretched her legs, and jumped out of her hidden place.

I am free, – she shouted in happiness. – I am free!!

Play with me and see how your life begins to change…

Thank you for freeing me. Now it is a playing time.

And the child started running on the seaside sand, jumping around, laughing as loud as her heart desired, playing with the waves of the sea and thanking life for its wonders.

Life gives you one moment and out of that moment you can create beautiful memories worth remembering.

Please do not suppress me ever again, – the child begged. – I love you so much.

Come and play with me. Now it is a playing time…

~Jolita Kelias

Copyright © Jolita Kelias 2013
All Rights Reserved


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