The World of Love and Fantasy is Her World – Australian Writer and Author TANIA ELIZABETH

Author Profile PicAn Australian writer and author Tania Elizabeth has a strong, independent and charismatic personality. She loves life for all that it is and to all that is still yet to come. She feels blessed to have known heartache and horrendous pain, for it has only allowed her to grow into the passionate and loving person she believes herself to be. She loves every living, breathing, beating soul be it of you or her neighbour, be it the animals or that of mother earth herself.
The world of love and fantasy is her world, where magic is real and where impossible things become possible, where fearries reside and make their mark in the world of humans. The question is now what is real and what is not. Who knows perhaps the world that Tania Elizabeth writes so much and so abundantly about is actually real? Our ancestors believed in fearries and the magic of life and so I do not see why we could not do the same or at least give it a try.
“I do believe, and what gives me the most drive, is my desire for a better world and for all to come to an understanding that life is meant to be filled of love, that we can awake our everyday being grateful for the little things in life, even when all seems lost, that we were not placed here to suffer, we were placed here to learn, to grow and to live our lives out in the light of love, not in the torment of our minds ego ways. Life is about choices. Which path you take, well, that’s up to you.”

At times I wonder if there is an exact definition of the artist. What do you think makes an artist?

I don’t believe that there is an exact definition. We are each our own individual and divine person, regardless of what we say, see or do. However, as an artist, I think that we for the most part, do conform to our own unique style and stand tall within it. For if we did not, we would not have the courage to write, paint, sing or dance for the world to see, whatever genre that may be within. I like to think that as an artist we have a hunger for searching out that in which some may consider impossible and/or irrational, though we do it nonetheless. I do believe that we are composers of dreams, bringing forth what many may find in their night time sleep, their deepest hearts desires and their minds sometimes savage thoughts.

How long have you been walking on this path of creator?

I began writing poetry and short stories at the mere age of 11. I began dreaming of having my work published in my early adult years. Though my path of dreams fulfilled, where I allowed my work to become more than just a dream was only a little before 2 years ago.

What kind of genre do you use when writing your books?

Love, fantasy fiction, spirituality and poetry.
I have had a love for all things magical and whimsical from being that of a very young girl. One of my earliest memories was of myself sitting in the rainforest on my father’s acreage, writing poetry and short stories within the lull of the sounds that surrounded me. I love my reader’s to be able to lose themselves within an enchanting world, though to also have them sight a journey of self-discovery within the pages. Through my work, I am able to incorporate my love of poetry, as each chapter begins with a poem. The spells in which thy ethereal beings cast, are also of poetic mystic.
My ethereal beings also use poetic incantations to assist with their powers of magic. The true essence of my writing however, always prevailing within the blessings of love and faith.


What do you find and who do you meet whilst strolling through the world of fantasy?

First and foremost, I find myself. It was through my characters in which I personally found a healing of ones self.
Beyond that, I find beings of ethereal beauty, of more than ever meets the eye. The beings within thy realm of faerie are of integrity, of gratitude, of heart and of spiritual enlightenment. Well, almost all of them, as the antagonist will have you seething at the edge of your seat.
Love and magic are forever held at the forefront of all that they are.
Harmonious and tranquil, Eterna Fadas, the faerie realm, is an ethereal queendom. Hypnotic upon sight, the land is bright and brilliant by day, dark and dazzling by night. The skies an entrancing pearl glow, streamlined of green hues and vivid royal violet. The land flooding of wooded valleys, glistening streams and cascading waterfalls. Clusters of the most vibrant wildflowers bloom in abundance.

Tania, do you personally believe for real in faeries and those magical realms?

Yes, I do. My fascination for faeries began at a very young age. My love for worlds beyond that of our own began around the same time. It would have to be Enid Blyton that possibly got my mind pondering more as a child. Then, as I got older, I would read and research on all things faerie. As a spiritual being, I also began to find my meditations taking me to worlds beyond that of our own, only further opening my awareness up to that of more than we see with our physical eyes. Never shall I deny myself of the truth there is beyond.

What if all that you write about truly existed but only few of us were aware of it?

I also believe this to be so. Think about it. If we are able to conjure something up from within our mind, there is no saying that it cannot be of reality elsewhere. Who is to say where the thoughts had arisen from or whether another being of another world put the images in your mind in the first place? I like to believe that anything is possible, if just you believe!

What is spirituality to you? How do you see it? How do you feel it?

I don’t know that spirituality can be defined per say. It is different for each and every person. It is a feeling within, a respect and a love for more than what may be seen. To many, I think spirituality is a finding of oneself… I know it is for my own self. I am a woman of faith and of God, though my belief of who and what God is may differ to some. I believe that we are One and that we are all connected, for God is within all of us; within the trees, the soils beneath our feet and the air in which we breathe. I believe in spirit and that of our higher selves. Whether that be of God or another entity, I shall let you decide. To me, it doesn’t matter what you believe in, who you believe in, or how you go about being in touch with that belief, I love and respect each and everyone’s ideas, for they are each beautiful in their own unique way.

Where did this journey of the writer lead you so far? What are you up to?

My journey has brought me to a place of constant beauty and surprise, always remaining in gratitude for each moment of magic. I have met some incredible souls and many other divine authors, each with their own beautiful story to be told. I recently attended my first Supanova Fantasy Fiction Convention, which was amazing. To come face to face with so many fans was surreal. And the beautiful thing is, that I get to do it again, here in Australia and abroad. Next year we will be hitting the States and Canada.
Watch out world… the faeries are coming!!!

What publishing house is publishing your books and where readers can find and buy it?

My original desire was to self-published. I am currently looking at other avenues also.

The Tier of Eternal Grace-book cover 2

What books have you written and published so far?

The Moon Clearing, being the first book of The Tier of Eternal Grace trilogy, is the first book I have ever published. The second book will be released in late September. The third and final to the trilogy will be launched in March 2014.

Once in April 2013 you contacted me saying that you would donate 1 dollar for every interview taken from you…and there were some more options. Could you remind me about this a little bit more. What was the cause you were trying to support and what was it all about?

The Starlight Children’s Charity is that in which I support.
Living with illness or injury can cause enormous strain in the lives of children and their families. The pain, loneliness and isolation that sick children feel dominates their lives, and they often miss out on normal experiences that healthy children take for granted. Starlight provides programs integral to the total care of seriously ill children – while health professionals focus on treating the illness, Starlight is there to lift the spirits of the child, giving them the opportunity to laugh, play and be a child again.
I began an event alongside Starlight, The Starlight Authors Aid that we will hold every year from here on in, to raise much needed funds for this worthy cause. Each year, one or two authors will be chosen. Over a three week span they will do as many interviews on themselves and Starlight, to help raise further awareness. For each interview, I personally donate $1. We also encourage others to donate directly to the cause via a donations page, set up within Starlight’s web page. This year was a great success and I look forward to it growing each year.

So what are your plans for the near future? If people want to find your work, where should they look for it?

My plans for the future begin with today and I plan on living this day within as much love and gratitude as I possibly can, my three endearing children always at my side.
As for my world of books… I have just finished writing the second book to my trilogy, called, The Mirrors Shadow “In the sombre of the shadows, a glow shall be unearthed.” The Mirrors Shadow bringing more of every element than that of the first. We are pushing for a late September released. The Mirrors Shadow will be launched in a way that all shall remember. Following that, I will conclude with the writing and the release of the third book in March 2014.
The Tier of Eternal Grace (The Moon Clearing) is available on hundreds of online sites. Amazon and Barnes and Noble being the most prominent places.


A summary of The Moon Clearing:

I am a divine being of divine beauty and power.
My power lies in love, my strength I’ve gained from grace
I am grounded in thy truths and live purely of heart.
I’ve a gratitude for all life’s glory; never shall I be misplaced.
Though it comes to pass that I am rivaled,
By the name of another and that of my own uncertainties,
Dare I be denied my truths, my mind’s clear
By the name of another, I am now in jeopardy.

Beyond the boundary that separates the mundane and earthly planes from the divine lies Eterna Fadas, a place ruled by extraordinary beings, lithe and human-like in appearance, yet ethereal in their grace and beauty, and sensuous in nature.

“I have existed always! Where I began I do not know, for all I know is just as I am today!”

As Queen, Tatiana was thought to have lived a life of opulence, her faith and beliefs her endearing essence. Why then was it so, that beneath the picture of perfection laid torments and terrors even she dare not explain. Being She came with its prices paid. Being She came with a deal; a contract in which she was to relinquish herself to a rogue of unmerciful fury. Would this be the end of all she knows? Would this be the end of her existence?


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