INTERVIEW with Argentine Tango Artist, Composer and Conductor ANDRES LINETZKY

Foto AndresAndres Linetzky is an artist, composer, director and conductor. He treats his work seriously and with great care and dedication. He breathes, lives and expresses himself through music that he creates and plays – tango. Andres Linetzky is one of the few students who had Horacio Salgan as his teacher. He also was a pupil of Rodolfo Mederos. He studied at two conservatories: The Institute of Municipal Music (classical music) and the School of Popular Music of Avellaneda (jazz and tango). Throughout 37 years of his life he has played and made arrangements for the most outstanding ensembles and orchestras.

While writing this article I am listening to one of his compositions titled Sentimientos. I listen to this melody over and over again and I cannot get enough of it. That’s what I call a real music that grabs you by the chest and does not let you go until it fulfils your need for passion and imagined love story. The music itself already tells the story of desire, hurt, nostalgia, love and longing… However, the only person who knows its real meaning is the creator himself. 

Video of SENTIMIENTOS by Andres Linetzky

I waited for Andres at one of the coffee shops in Buenos Aires. He appeared exactly on time as we agreed. He kindly gifted me with 2 CDs “Tango Doscientos Uno” and “Tango Baile” made by Vale Tango, his group. We started talking. I felt at ease straight away. I must admit I was truly impressed with Andres English language skills.

They say, he is an upcoming artist. And I am saying – he is already a success, he is an artist in his own right, in his own work, in his own choice. He is already here.

One thing that mostly surprised me was that according to Andres Linetzky Argentine Tango is not as popular in Argentina as in other countries. “Tango is not very popular here as many might think. We are not able to attract huge crowds of people during our performances or especially sell many CDs, but when we go abroad – that is a different matter. People thirst for the real Tango there, for the real sound and rhythm of it.”

Andres Linetzky foto jpgWhat is tango, I asked myself. I listened to Andres Linetzky CDs, and here is the answer I got. Tango is what you feel, what you envision, what you dare to express. It is your wild passions and desires, hopes and disappointments, sorrows and joys hidden deep inside the inner being of your soul that beautifully and gently come out into the open once the cords of tango are being played aloud. Tango is when reality of the outer world merges with the inner world of one’s being and the dance of life gets created and moves into motion. Tango is loved by dancers and audiences for its beauty, passion, drama and excitement. The essence of Argentine tango is about life and, especially, about the relationship between a man and a woman.

Andres Linetzky has been playing piano since the age of 6. Throughout the years he also played bass, saxophone and drums. His grandfather and father were musicians as well, even though his father chose a profession as a doctor, but yet music was always deeply seated within him. Andres says that he is the only one in the family who dared to pursue a career as a professional tango musician.

Apparently, his mother made Andres to study music. It was an obligation to him, which he did not appreciate. However, at the age of 12 something changed in him. He began to enjoy playing music. Then, with a great enthusiasm, he began studying classical music and later was admitted to a popular music school ‘Escuela de musica popular de avellaneda’. Also at the age of 12 he began composing his own music. At the age of 17 with his school friends Andres created a rock band titled Martes 12 with which throughout four years of their existence they participated and won a number of competitions.

Right now Andres lives from compositions, arrangements, life performances, promotions. He says: “Sometimes it is an easy process and sometimes it takes time to work on my pieces. Creation is the same as giving birth to a baby – development is the one that takes time.”

The group Vale Tango was formed in 1999. It was made of 7 people. Andres has been the driving force since its creation. Since group’s establishment he made 9 CDs with his compositions and arrangements.

The group also took a part in the film “Assassination Tango” directed and starred by Robert Duvall and produced by Francis Ford Coppolla. In this film there is the theme played King of Cups which was created by Andres Linetzky.

In 2003, the group had a successful one month tour in France, where they also performed a spectacle “Danza Maligna”. The most incredible experiences they gained was while performingfor for 15 days to a full house at the Chaillot National Theatre in Paris, at the Festival de Montpellier, Perpignan Festival and the Festival of Vaison la Romaine, sharing the stage with artists like Caetano Veloso, Momix, Nederlan.

In 2004, Andres released the album “Bardi Vale Tango”, comprising works by Agustín Bardi. This album received much praise from critics.

In 2006, Vale Tango was back to France again, where they appeared at the prestigious National Theatre Chaillot in Paris and Châteauvallon.

In April 2007, he released a double disc made specially for dancers titled “Tango Dancing”. It was presented in countries like Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy.

Dirigiendo Le grand tango

Andres Linetzky also worked for the Tango Orchestra of the City of Buenos Aires. In 1998, he won a very difficult contest which presented nearly all pianists of the genre. During 5 years while he was a part of the orchestra he worked and played with people like Raul Gárrelo, Carlos Garcia, Julian Plaza, Osvaldo Piro, Joseph Libertella, Joseph Colangelo, Pascual Mamone, Atilio Stampone, Leopoldo Federico, and many others. Later his album “Live in Colon” was nominated for the Grammy Award.

In November 2005, Andres Linetzky won the “Osvaldo Pugliese” contest as the best arranger. The prize was awarded by the Arts National Fund.

In 2007, after two months of intensive work, the double CD Tango Baile was created and dedicated entirely to the dancers. At the same time when the Double CD “Tango Baile” appeared, a show called in the same way ”Tango Baile” was opened that had 25 artists appearing on the scene. More than 12 dancers, singers, and Vale Tango playing on the stage. This show was live presented in Buenos Aires and Italy. You can find more information on their website .

The information I have shared with you is just a drop in the ocean. There is much more to tell and share. Andres Linetzky travelled the world alone and with his group Vale Tango. He has played his compositions in the most prestigious, the most publicly known and well recognised places. His audience is geographically, culturally wide and rich, but they all have one thing in common with the artist himself – they all love Argentine tango.

“I have travelled far and wide with my music and with my group, on my own, with other tango groups and various singers…” Andres spoke, “I visited most of Europe, China, Shanghai, Hong Kong, US, France and UK. And I am open and ready for more. My creativity has no limits. I am willing to work hard and share the fruits of my creations with you, with others.”

I asked the artist what motivates him, what inspires him to create such wonderful pieces of music. He answered: “Things that happen to you in life – tragic things, sad things and even opposite to that – inspire me, move me to the depths of my soul. You talk to life and life responds back. You have a conversation with life.”

Throughout the years Andres has learned that not everything he wants will necessary happen. “It depends on how you look at life either you are open minded or narrow minded,” he says.

En Le Grand TangoHis message truly resonates with me. As an artist myself I have created from all places of being, and that includes happiness and sadness, tragedy and joy, drama and absolute peace… All creation is made of various colours of life. Andres Linetzky seems to get its movement, to live it through, to experience whatever there is to its fullest and then express it all in his music. Just listen to his music… There you will hear his soul speaking to you. The message you will receive will become personal and understandable only to you; the message you will receive will be the one you needed to hear and feel. That will become your message.

“I have played for over 20 years. Now I want not only to compose music, but to do films and recordings. I need someone to help me in order to make things easier. I love what I do, I want to make music. I don’t do it just for a hobby. It is my life.”

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  • Alex , Direct link to comment

    I am so grateful for discovering such a talented composer as Andres. His Sentimentos is a touch of a genius. More and more I find great music from Latin America. Such a passion as in no other music. Thank you, Jolita, thank you, Andres.

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