Ammu - in love with all that is naturalAmmucare Charitable Trust was registered on 25th October 2003, when India was celebrating ‘the festival of lights’, Deepavali just by sheer coincidence. Though registered in Kerala, India it has grown beyond regional barriers to be accepted by a wide spectrum of people from different parts of the world. As a charity platform it has given great fill up to many like-minded people in their efforts to channel their individual contributions and efforts. The creator of ACT is known as Mohanji.

Mohanji, you have created this beautiful Charitable Trust called Ammucare. When, what and how did you become inspired to do so?

Ammucare happened. I had no intention to start any charity organisation. After Ammu’s death, there was a big vacuum. Everything seemed empty and incoherent. The very purpose of life ahead was a big question mark. So, after the year 2000 August 23rd, I was coming into terms with myself. Then a series of further tragedies happened, such as I lost my job, I contracted a skin allergy which was painful and irritating, I separated from my wife, I lost all my savings in a house deal, my belongings got stolen etc etc. That phase was indeed traumatic. One by one, God took away all that I was attached to, or belonged to this entity called Mohan. I became completely naked and abandoned. It was at that time, when an old saint threw the seeds of a charity organisation in my mind. It made no sense to me at that time, because the usual questions such as who, why, when, what, where, how etc were blocking the free thinking. Yet, the saint’s words kept ringing in my ears “Do something for the children of mother earth. You will have eternal peace”.

Mohanji in whiteEventually, Ammucare Happened!!! It was formed on the basis of two pillars “Unconditional Love” and “Care Beyond all Man-Made Barriers” such as caste, creed, countries, communities, colours, and all other barriers that man has created. This theme was formed when I was staying briefly at Vanamali Ashram in the banks of Ganges. When I presented this to Mother Vanamali, she blessed this and said “All those who are associated with Ammucare, will have their lives enhanced”. This has literally happened. Many positive changes have happened to people who are associated with Ammucare. This is divine grace. So, divinity made it happen. Divinity keeps it going. I am just an instrument of the glorious divine.

ammucare1What does Ammucare stand for?

Ammucare stands for charity that does not create dependency.

How old is Ammucare Charitable Trust?Charity without expectations. It stands for expressing unconditional love, without expectations. It stands for Care Beyond all Man-Made Barriers.

Ammucare is now 7 years old.

What does it mean to you personally to have this charity up and running?

Well, initially, it was very difficult to make people agree to participate in an organisation without any membership fee or any kind of compulsory payments. Everything is voluntary. We proved our integrity many times over. We are conducting this blanket distribution quite successfully, every year, thanks to the dedication of the New Delhi team and the global supporters. I do not want to own any merits. Ammucare belongs to the world. We are all instruments.

ammucare 3

Do you have many people helping and volunteering their time for this charitable cause?

Yes. It is increasing day by day. We cannot blame people. Many organisations have cheated many. So, people are vary. Once they know our honesty and commitment, they support whole heartedly. In this trip to Vietnam, I gathered a few youngsters in their early 20s on an ongoing charity drive. We shall announce that once they are fully ready. But, the wheel is set into motion. Like that, where ever I go, apart from teaching meditation, I also make them understand the importance of being selfless in life. It is working at many places. Even if they do not join under the Ammucare banner, it does not matter. I look at the purity of thought, word and action, not the banner.

ammucare 2What does Ammucare do? How does it affect lives of others?

Ammucare is currently taking care of some poor children in their education. They all are either staying with their parents or are in hostels. We take care of their education in totality through various sponsors. Then, we are doing the Blanket distribution in New Delhi, every winter, because winter is harsh in the north India and many people die because of lack of protection. Then of course we have embarked on many projects in the past, according to the need of the time. We intend to register ACT Foundation, the universal arm of Ammucare, in Europe so that it is neutral and can reach the world. Earlier ACT Foundation was based in UAE. Because of mounting expenses, we decided to wind it up. We did many projects through ACT Foundation from Dubai, including 2004 Tsunami, Iran Earth Quake, Land slide in Philippines, Flood in Mumbai, War in Lebanon etc etc. This is between 2003 and 2009. So, we intend to serve the world through a base in Europe. We are gathering suggestions from our European family members. We need to make the base stronger so that we can serve better. Remember, 100% people who work on ACT projects are unpaid. They are all serving the world voluntarily. So, we do not have lots of money with us. We raise awareness about incidents and voluntary contribution happens. We always make sure every transaction is documented and audited. Even the voluntary contributions that we receive from our meditation classes are totally and completely used for charity, of course, after paying the rent for location etc. Meditation classes for me is also a service to the society. I am doing what ever I can do for the world, in my own humble way. Through meditation, I am trying to lift the consciousness of the people so that they can serve themselves and the society in a better way. Consciousness is all that matters. The lower the consciousness, the baser are the emotions. The higher it gets, the more selfless we become. I welcome all support and I would also welcome practical guidance in anchoring ACT in Europe. I take this opportunity to thank from bottom of my heart, all the wonderful brothers and sisters who built up Ammucare in India and ACT outside India. I love them and respect them. Without these selfless people, ACT would never have existed.

ammucare 4So what are the plans for Ammucare now? Are there any special events and blanket distributions planned?

We are watching the flood situation in Ganga and Yamuna Rivers. If assistance is needed for the displaced, we would start with that. Otherwise, the usual distribution will begin in November. We usually do the blanket distribution at different locations in India, two or three times a year, during winter. We would do the same this year too. Like I said before, we are looking at launching or anchoring ACT in a suitable European country. So, that would be our immediate task. We are also looking at training students in crisis management such as floods, landslides and other natural calamities. There are many ideas. Everything depends on the support that we receive. Anyway, as we are ACT, action is for sure. Donations are very much welcome.



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