Jolita Kelias is a true example of someone who dared to follow her dreams, no matter how unconventional or challenging they may seem. Her passion for writing began at an incredibly young age, when she confidently proclaimed to her mother that she would one day write books that would be read by people all over the world. And true to her word, she has gone on to do just that.

Originally from Lithuania, Jolita has lived in various countries and traveled extensively, gaining invaluable experiences and insights along the way. Her adventures have enriched her both personally and professionally, fueling her creativity and giving her a unique perspective on life and human relationships.

As an award-winning independent journalist, Jolita has built her career from scratch, carving out a niche for herself as a writer with a focus on inner growth, self-development, and inspiring others to pursue their dreams. Her writing comes straight from the heart, and every word she puts down on paper is infused with her own unique signature.

Jolita is a true team player, always eager to work with and for others to achieve success. She takes great joy in seeing others smile, even in the face of adversity, and believes that every new light that is lit represents a new success achieved. For Jolita, everything is possible in life, and she is determined to inspire others to go out and make their own dreams come true.

Jolita says, “One more Light lit – one more Success achieved.”

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