words spokenThis is what I call Enlightenment!!

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“You go, you walk, you speak. You not only speak, you splash your words around like a bundle of water drops or flower petals without considering the impact it might create. And you still keep knocking on my door with this same question: ‘What have I done to deserve such a difficult life?’ Tell me, what you have done not to deserve it?!” God thundered.

“God, have you gotten any compassion for me? I am just a mortal soul with the flaws of the human being.” A man tried to excuse himself.

“Oh really?!”

“Yes!” The man answered uncertain.

“Oh really?!” God thundered once more.

Lately the man kept noticing messages appearing around him with the words “be mindful”, “think before you speak”, “ask and you shall receive”, “a word spoken is like a bird let out of its cage”, and many more. He could not say he did not pay attention and he truly tried to ask for the things that he truly desired but…but for some reason it did not seem to be working to his advantage. He visualised, he prayed, he made steps needed to bring a wanted outcome, and yet nothing happened. Nothing!

“God, why have you forsaken me?” He cried.

“I haven’t,” God replied calmly.

“I feel as if you have. I feel so alone, so unloved, so misunderstood…”

A deep silence became prevalent between the man and God. The man sat on the bench with his head in his hands while diving in and out of self-pity. Life seemed so glum and foggy, so unreasonable and unfair. In that he could not see any happy future even in the farthest horizon, not a single sight of light, not even a dim of it.

Compassion sprang from the depths of divinity and deep clarity took its place. God looked at his creation and saw how the self-chosen blindness constrained the man’s wings and his ability to fly. But he also saw the soul in front of him ready to receive some explanations… from God himself.

“Look back at your life, man!” God commanded. “What do you see?”

The man slowly lifted his head. He had no desire to turn back and look at the misery of his life. Yes, there were some good or happy moments, if so to speak, but just a few. The rest, he experienced disappointment after disappointment, a never ending struggle to make the ends meet, broken love relationships, betrayals, unfulfilled desires, a huge lack of self-esteem and self-respect, a fear of losing of what he worked for so many years, a lonely feeling of being left alone and needed to no one, and from there the fear of dying alone sprang into his being.

“Make this fateful look at your life sincerely, with an open heart and mind,” God invited.

“I am trying,” the man answered unhappy for being asked to take another walk inside the ruins of his past as if he hasn’t done it enough yet.

“You cannot lie neither to yourself nor to me, and you know that. I am you and you are me. We are one.” God spoke. “Yes, perhaps it is still difficult for you to grasp this truth but now came the time when you became ready. I am here to give you the answers you begged for. Do you need any? Do you?”

“I need. Please grace me with your wisdom; I cannot live in the same way any longer.”

“Life is what you make of it. Your choices are your main creators of the life you live and experience. No one and nothing can take this responsibility from you. You like it or not you must acknowledge the fact that the only person creating your destiny is you. There is no one to blame, even not me. Yes, I gave you free will, and look what you have done with it to this day?”

He stopped speaking and smiled, then spoke again.

“You see… Do you? The mess you call your life to be is the mess you have created for yourself so far and that is because of your choices. I shall call it poor choices.”

“What choices are made of in your understanding?” The man enquired.

“They consist of thought, word and action.”

“Thought? Word? Action?”

“Sounds simple and yet complicated, doesn’t it? And yet, there is something more to this all… It is called responsibility.”

“Responsibility?” The man repeated God’s words.

“Correct. Responsibility. Take responsibility for each and every thought, word and action you make, and there you will find peace in yourself and the world around you.”

“God, you are asking me for something impossible!” The man exclaimed in an absolute disbelief. “I cannot possibly count or control every thought I have. And words as well come out at times before I even think, especially when I am angry. Anger breeds bad words. I hate anger.”

“Not really. Your thinking makes it so, and so it becomes a word and transforms into action. Thought, word, action – the unique and perfect combination for creation that cannot manifest into a physical being without one another. And anger is just an emotion. Now you must decide if you control your emotions or emotions control you. Your unhappiness became a perfect indicator of the need for transformation. Because of that you also know you have become ready for change…. You have suffered enough to be ready to actually hear me.
“I have placed the indicators of truth everywhere and you, humans, tend to go looking for it in various places, except yourselves. You are your own responsibility. The life that you have now, the state of being you have created for yourself and the generations to come – it is all made of your choices of thought, word and action. You paralyse yourself by making choices that do not serve the highest purpose of yours.”

“What can I do so to change the life I live in to the life I wish to experience?” The man asked eagerly.

God did not reply.

“You have no answer, God?” Man enquired once more.

God kept quiet. The man thought for a moment.

“Ah, responsibility! You spoke about taking responsibility!”

God nodded in agreement.

“Thought, word and action.” The man spoke slowly.

“Especially the one in the middle,” God confirmed.



The man felt puzzled. He thought that all three things mattered, but apparently something got excluded and put above it all.

“I shall explain. You were always aware of the tremendous power of a word spoken which either can create or break and yet for some reason it seemed always easier for you to ignore this knowing rather than living by it. You, humans, hurt and kill others and yourselves with mindless words every single day, you play psychological games and scatter words around like wind scatters your hair each time it passes you by, and then you wonder why near and dear ones do not talk to you any longer or ignore you or have no desire to have you in their lives. To take the responsibility has been a rare desire for the human being. It is not something you like much doing. It has been always easier to blame someone else but yourself.”

The man did not dare to argue. The real truth could not be tailored regardless of how much he wanted it to be otherwise.

“A word spoken is like a bird let out of its cage. One thing is to think and yet the thought without a word is just a thought. The action without a thought and word, which not necessarily needs to be spoken loudly, cannot exist. The word spoken joins and brings into manifestation the two biggest forces of all – thought and action.”

The man thought for a moment. “But…”

“There is no but!” God cut him short. “The power of a word spoken is equal to the word written. No difference whatsoever. Before you speak, think, truly think. Ask yourself – is it true? is it necessary? will it bring joy or sorrow? how would I feel if someone spoke to me in a way I am just about to speak? It takes so little effort to consider the words you are just about to speak. Always speak truth no matter what it might be, but come from the place of love and no matter what you say, it shall always be accepted. No matter who stands in front of you – a friend or an enemy, just remember they are just like you facing their own inner battles each and every day. But…the biggest and truest transformation will happen when you begin speaking gently to yourself first. When you fall in-love with that little child residing inside of you, you will fall in-love with every child residing in your brothers and sisters.

“A word spoken is a word gone. You will never get it back. Choose your words carefully. Become conscious of every word of yours spoken, take responsibility for it and there you will find peace and harmony that you so desire.”

~Jolita Kelias

Copyright © Jolita Kelias 2013
All Rights Reserved

03 comments on “A WORD SPOKEN

  • anthony o'connell , Direct link to comment

    I have lived for 71 years and so many times in those years i have uttered words that were hurtful and cruel. I have hurt my wife and my daughter and many others for a man it is difficult to say i was wrong, it is difficult to ask for forgiveness as my life comes to its final chapter i have turned to god whatever he may be ? to seek meaning for my live to measure the man that i am ? your piece is wonderful to read i hope that in the end god will forgive me for i am just a man. Bless you.

  • Jackie , Direct link to comment

    I just want to apologize for anyone I have hurt with my words. I do need to focus in mindfulness and speaking to all from a place of love. Yesterday was such a difficult, sad, and low point in my life. I felt attacked everywhere. My life IS my responsibility and I am making changes. To anyone I hurt yesterday I’m truly sorry. I just want to feel safe in my choices too.

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