a_lonely_manThere was a man who never sang
His vision was blurred, half blinded,
His heart was closed to the music of his soul.

There was a man who never sang
For he believed to sing it meant to celebrate
And he did not feel worthy of the joy
And no one came and proved him wrong.

There was a man who never sang
Although his dreams often carried him far and high
To the worlds of music and song
Yet he never sang.

He never sang
He never danced
He never laughed
He never had fun
He never clapped his hands
He never opened his heart
For…he felt he was never truly loved.

There was a man who never sang
He did not know he had a voice
And so he never looked for it
And so he never found it.

There was a man who never sang
He was an unhappy man
A lifeless man
A man who knew no love.
Winter’s winds were plunging through his veins
He was a cold man
And he was cold
And no one ever offered him a blanket
To warm him up
To give him a speck of love.
And so he was a man who never sang
And he died not knowing how his soul sang.

There was a man who never sang
A very lonely man
Indeed a very lonely man
And no one ever gave him love.

Tell me please, why did you give up on him
On a man who never sang?

~Jolita Kelias

Copyright © Jolita Kelias 2013
All Rights Reserved

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